With Yoga, People Find That They Can Improve Their Lives

yoga backbend

Even the most rudimentary online search will reveal that that there is a massive demand for methods and philosophies that aim to help people improve themselves and to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Bookshops feature numerous works on self help and personal development. It seems that millions of people are not happy with the way they live their lives and they want to change and to grow as individuals. When it comes to yoga Newmarket ON enthusiasts seems to think that this philosophy is the one that satisfies most of their needs.

The correct name for this philosophy is actually Asana. It is a complicated collection of methods and techniques that aim to help people to develop holistically. This means that equal attention is paid to the spirit, the body and the mind. The philosophy is that no personal growth can truly take place unless all these domains are addresses in a balanced manner. It is not a religion, as many people seem to believe and it is most certainly not a physical fitness program either.

The origin of Asana is obscure. One certainty is that it was Vivekananda, a Hindu philosopher that introduced it to the western world. It immediately gained incredible popularity and it kept growing to this day. Millions of people all over the world practice Asana regularly. There are, in fact, more than twenty million followers in the United States alone.

It is understandable that so many people think that Asana is nothing more than a series of stretching exercises and elaborate poses. This is true to some extent. The fact is, however, that these exercises and poses are just tools that aim to achieve a number of objectives. They aim to improve the flexibility and balance of the student, but teachers also use it to bring home very specific spiritual principles.

One of the main attractions of Asana for many people is that it does not allow competition among practitioners and students. There are no contests. Each individual progress at his or her own pace, learning new techniques only when they feel ready to do so. Classes are often mixed, consisting of students varying from very young to the aged, males and females and even disabled people.

Asana has been studied from every possible angle and by experts from many different fields. There is no doubt that it offers distinct medical advantages. Chronic pain and asthma sufferers have reported almost immediate relief from the symptoms they have been suffering from. There are also psychological benefits especially for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Starting is as easy as registering at one of the many web sites that offer beginners advice, tutoring and support. There are also many excellent books on the subject. Beginners should keep in mind that there are more than one acceptable approach to Asana. It may be worthwhile to ask advice from experts and to choose the approach most suitable. In most locations it is also possible to enroll for classes.

Asana has very few detractors. Practicing it is not dangerous and the philosophy can be embraced by anybody. There can be no doubt that it helps people to become fitter, to gain a more enlightened perspective on live and to live healthier lives.

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