#Yoga Options For Beginners: The Different Styles

Forehead_dot_ASYoga styles are as varied as the instructors offering them. You may be just beginning the process of finding out what type could work best for you. Take time to compare the different schools of emphasis and see how each one is different. You may soon find a version that lifts your mind and spirit.

Hatha or Vinyasa can help you focus on mindful exercise and poses. These practices often are less intense than the more athletic varieties, and can be a good way to get involved in introductory sessions to learn basic poses on a beginner level with helpful instruction. There also are prenatal sessions in the same sense that they focus on breathing and relaxation.

If you are looking to challenge yourself with a more physically demanding style, look for a session in Kundalini and Ashtanga. Both are intense, power sessions that are best suited for those already in good physical condition. Former athletes may benefit from these types of workouts.

If you are someone who suffers from painful joints and who may need some heat to feel better, Bikram sessions may be beneficial in how you feel overall. In hot rooms with higher humidity, you could begin to feel better as blood flows to your joints and the heat takes hold, helping to restore motion and flow to your muscles.

For beginners who may be worried about starting a new class, there are easier sessions that use props, such as Iyengar. You can enter one of these sessions and work on body alignment and gain a lot of interaction from the instructor. These sessions could be beneficial in teaching you various methods of stretching and poses, particularly as a beginner and you begin to get used to the various positions.

You might find that some classes end their sessions with a restorative session that is relaxing and offers a chance for you to catch your breath and slow down and find some inner peace and tranquility. These sessions also can be performed on their own at the end of a stressful day. You might find that mixing these sessions with meditation brings you back into balance.

Many instructors take on a multimedia approach to get the word out about possible styles and programs available. You might learn more about individual lines of study through expert blogs or articles posted on the Internet written by instructors. Doing this kind of background work may give you more insight on the types of classes you could be interested in.

When you settle on a style, visit with a yoga instructor for more details and find out when sessions are scheduled. You may want to watch in the first visit or actively participate, depending on your comfort level. You could even develop a mix of styles that work well with your body as you turn to the various practices for inspiration and better health.

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