Yoga Develops Both Mental and Physical Well Being

Many practioners of yoga only engage in the the physical exercise aspects of yoga. This is the stretching, and the postures to improve posture and limber the body. But there is much more to yoga than than simple (and complex) stretching exercises. Yoga has a profound effect on the practioner’s entire life. Because the practice of yoga changes the mind in very unique ways.

A Spiritual Awakening

Yoga is not a religion, but this ancient practice can influence the practioner’s spiritual sensibility; yoga practioner’s learn, and follow, seven spiritual laws. Consequently, these spiritual laws can act to guide those who follow them. Yoga is a path to inner peace, through the practice of love and compassion, for both themselves, and others. One of these laws is the law of karma. This encompasses the concept that the way that we treat other, even animals, will comes back to us. “As ye reap, so ye shall sow”. If we treat others with kindness, we will receive kindness in return.

Mental Clarity and Focus

Yoga practice focuses on the importance of meditating regularly. In turn, yoga helps the practioner stay positive in their thinking. Gently push away any negative thoughts as they surface during meditation. Focusing on the breath, and relaxing the body, results in fostering a positive outlook. This is essential to emotional health. The inability to recognize the good things of life, often worsens anxiety, stress, and depression. By learning to guide your thoughts back to the present moment, negative feelings will evaporate.

Control and Self Discipline

By learning to control their thoughts, and the physical response to stress, a yogi can accomplish more than they thought they could. Yoga can develop mental and physical discipline, releasing fear. Likewise, situations that held you back are released. Now, you are free to accomplish what you want. During meditation, using a mantra focuses the mind.  By repeating the mantra aloud, or in the mind, during each meditation session, mental focus is achieved. This will help to influence the subconscious mind, to make success happen more readily. Yoga can also teach a person to see the world as an eternal source of energy.  Consequently, the yogi realizes they are immersed in this energy, tapping in  to manifest their goals. This influences a change in the feeling of being stuck, and hopeless, short circuiting any sense of self-sabotage.

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