Wrong Concepts Regarding Pilates Training


An increasing number of people are taking Pilates. One who has no idea about it may wonder what is the reason behind its rising popularity. Several misconceptions must be cleared in order to find out.

It was designed by Joseph Pilates, a German. During the first half of the twentieth century, he came up with a system which he designed to strengthen the body and the mind at the same time. Core muscles and stability of the spine and pelvis were given priority. Other body parts were strengthened as well.

The first common myth is that anyone can be a guru on this by just going through educational materials such as a book or a DVD, or by having a crash course on it. This is definitely not true. The fact that there is no regulation has brought about this. A fully certified instructor would have to go through several studies. In fact, one has to have anatomical knowledge to be certified. Other areas such as personality studies are required as well as this is needed for proper teaching.

That observation brought about another misconception that because it looks easy, men would find it boring and that only women should do it. The fact that the inventor of that system is a male can disprove that. In fact, he was into many forms of workouts which included weight trainings before he was able to invent that system which further advanced his fitness levels.

Many workout enthusiasts who lift weights merely disregard Pilates stating that it is only for the weak. That should not be taken seriously as they have no first hand experience with it. There are weight lifters to be found out there who practice this system and stick to it because they find that there is a challenge to it.

This system is well known for reducing the circumference of the belly. Those who want to trim their figures are enticed to try it because of the proven effects. However, they are in for a surprise. It is not only the stomach that is targeted in this method. Other parts of the body are strengthened as well. It gives a full body workout.

Most of its routines require one to go through certain postures just like yoga. Hence, it is thought they are connected to each other. However, yoga and Pilates experts know that the truth is far from it as both have different targets and routines.

Knowing the truth behind these misconceptions shows that this method is indeed very beneficial. In order to reap its benefits, one may have to try Pilates midtown east. One session would be enough to clear the doubts of anyone.

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