Understanding Energy Interference

5G electronic smog

Article by Christina Sarich

“A breakthrough occurs when you recognize you are more energy than matter.” ~ Caroyln Myss, Intuitive Healer

Make no mistake you are swimming in an unseen sea of energy.

We are constantly exposed to an electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) which is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. That means – you! You can think of this sea of energy as one of the natural laws governing the material world. Unless you’re a highly advanced yogi or sage able to completely block this energy interference with your own energy, you are being bombarded with electromagnetic waves of all sorts.

For electromagnetic waves, both the electric and magnetic fields play a role in the transport of energy. The Lorentz Law in free space begins to explain this phenomenon. You can learn all about it at an open course offered by MIT, or you can simply observe the phenomenon in everyday life.

Harmful EMF comes from things like:

Cell Phone Towers

These towers emit EM fields known to affect both people and animals, often very negatively. In fact, you are exposed to more than 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than your grandparents were, and much of it comes from cell towers.

WIFI for Internet Access

This picture shows you just one WiFi wave. Scientific American ran a piece called “Mind Control by Cell Phone” which explains the danger Wi-Fi has on the human brain. It can cause insomnia, delayed kidney development, reduction of brain activity, and other developmental disorders in young children.

Power Lines

If you live near power lines or many electric poles, you are being exposed to energetic pollution that is so intense it can cause cancer.

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN

Many believe this is an industrial-scale energy manipulation device. In fact, by manipulating parallel galaxies, you are likely being manipulated in this one. “The multiverse is no longer a model, it is a consequence of our models,” says Aurelien Barrau, a particle physicist at CERN. CERN scientists have already manipulated anti-matter successfully. You are small potatoes in comparison.


Although controversial, many believe that the US military’s technology is being used as a mind-control device. HAARP is essentially an ionospheric heater; it can warm up a 1000 square kilometer area of the sky to over 50,000 degrees. Aside from use for weather modification, many believe that HAARP’s electromagnetic waves are also used to stifle the natural frequencies of the human chakras. It is thought that some HAARP sites have been shut down and that some are still open. You can learn more about how HAARP works, here. When you look at where HAARP locations are on this map and compare them to key ley lines on the planet, it will at least make you think twice about how your energy is being manipulated.

Small and Large Nuclear Devices

Nuclear devices give off a sudden burst in EM currents. An EMP is just a sudden change in the electric and magnetic fields, which on its own isn’t too bad.  It doesn’t hurt people at least.  However, changing EM fields induce currents in anything capable of carrying a current, which means it affects you. Aside from the radioactive waste given off at Fukushima, or the nuclear bombs set off at the New York Trade center buildings, every device affects the energy field around us.


Not only are you exposed to EMF pollution from your TV, but you are also exposed to constant subconscious programming. The government, as well as television stations themselves, have been caught adding subliminal messages not just to commercials but also to your favorite TV programs. This is known as MK Ultra, but there are other forms of this energy ‘programming.’

EMF Protection

The good news is that there is much you can do about electromagnetic and energetic pollution. Our bio-energy is vast. It is said that one human being has enormous energy output. After all, there are billions of nerve impulses in the body and these are constantly creating complex human magnetic fields. Our thoughts and emotions primarily affect these.

Have you ever noticed that when you are physically close to some people, you feel more positive and hopeful? Likewise, when you are close to others, you feel depleted and sad or irritated? This has a lot to do with the health of their chakras; these are kind of like tiny energy generators along the spine, and therefore, their auras. Every human being gives off an energy field, and it is now proven that that field can span quite a great distance.

Heart Energy

In fact, the Heart Math Institute has proven that the heart gives off an electric field which can be detected by advanced measuring equipment from several feet away, and it is thought that those who are highly spiritually developed can fill an entire stadium with their energy.

What is even more profound, is that when a critical mass of humans change their energy to a positive trajectory, the entire world is affected, too. The Maharishi Effect has proven this behind a shadow of a doubt.

Meditation to Influence Your Energy

Yogi Maharishi explains: “During the practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) individuals experience and enlivens the field of Transcendental Consciousness—the experience of the Unified Field of Natural Law. When a sufficient number of individuals enliven this field, then through a ‘Field Effect’ of consciousness (the Maharishi Effect) an influence of orderliness and harmony is radiated from the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law to the whole population.”

This phenomenon works with other practices besides TM. Chanting, listening to peaceful music, toning with Tibetan singing bowls, or simply concentrating on feeling happy and loving influences our energy.

It Starts with You

The formula to change the entire planet by changing one’s own energy is simply this; the square root of one percent of the population. That means if approximately 800 people of the world’s current population were to practice changing their energy fields in a positive way, then the whole world would experience more peace and happiness.

We can change our very energetic structure, although we are bombarded with negative energy programming, electromagnetic pollution, and undesirable EMF waves. It takes only a few moments of peaceful contemplation, a smile given to a neighbor, positive affirmations, or listening to chakra balancing music every day. You are indeed living in a sea of energy, but you also have the ability to change its current.

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