Understanding 3D, 4D and 5D States of Consciousness

3D, 4D and 5D States of Consciousness

Without a doubt, other dimensions, or realms of reality, exist in the Universe. You may have experienced it yourself, through your dreams, or a feeling of deja vu. These dimensions are not actual places, but realms of consciousness. Just as we have different dimensions within the Universe, we have different dimensional states of consciousness, and in fact, most people are moving back and forth across two or three of these dimensional realms of consciousness, depending on how they are developing spiritually.

Although we are all living on the same planet, our individual perceptions of it will differ, depending on what state of consciousness we are seeing the world through. People perceiving from a 3D state are going to experience life very differently than someone perceiving life from a 5D state.

Living Life 3D

A 3D consciousness views life from a purely physical perspective. Life can feel like a competition, “survival of the fittest”. A 3D perception will identify themselves and others by the way they look, their education, their job, the cars they drive and their social circle. A 3D outlook can feel fearful, and worried about missing out on fads or opportunities, or of not having enough.

Life will be perceived as good or bad, and as a competition; there is not enough to go around, and you could run the risk of missing out. Fulfillment in life is found in social status, and money. A 3D person relies on their physical senses to move through the world.

A 3D person will believe their thoughts have no power over reality, and what happens in life is merely a coincidence. In a 3D consciousness, there is no desire to look at life from a deeper level; life is simply played out on the surface. There is no desire to understand the deeper meaning behind things.

There can be a lot of pleasure living life in 3D, but pain, disappointment, and profound emotions can be harder to manage.

Living Life in 4D

4D consciousness has awakened to the concept that the world is interconnected, and that there is more to life than meets the eye. Many see the 4th dimensional consciousness as a “gateway” to the 5th; when in 4D, it’s easy to go back to 3D, but this shift in consciousness can be more difficult once someone has reached the 5D state.

4D thinking is powerful, and can shift the perception of reality. The concept of good and evil is still experienced, but there is a more complex understanding and compassion behind it.

The importance of meditation, diet, and leading a healthy lifestyle come to the forefront. There is an understanding that life is to be enjoyed, and that you are meant to live the life of your dreams. There is a strong desire to find purpose, and passion in what you do.

The world is perceived through six senses, and intuition begins to expand and grow, seeking a deeper meaning to life. The person living in 4D has begun to see the synchronicity and magic of the Universe.

Living Life in 5D

Once living from a 5D consciousness, it is very difficult to go back to the 3D.

From the 5D consciousness, you understand that we are one, and we are all connected. Life is an adventure of spiritual growth. There is a higher purpose for all things, and every experience has meaning. There is a strong feeling of connectedness and love with others and the planet. Love and compassion reign, and there is a lack of judgement, understanding that everyone is on their own journey of consciousness.

There is a desire to live from a place of authenticity, with an understanding that life’s purpose is to live truth, and to seek joy. From this state of consciousness, there is no competition, and there is a knowledge that there is enough in the Universe for everyone. Emotions of love and compassion for life can be overwhelming, intuition is intense, and there is a connection to angelic beings.

Please remember, these states of consciousness are not “better” or “worse” than the other; every person on Earth has their own spiritual journey, and their own reasons for choosing which dimensional consciousness to live from.

Higher States of Consciousness

There are higher states of consciousness, but it’s believed they are only accessible after we have left our physical bodies. It may be possible, however, to access these states of consciousness through deep meditation, our lucid dreams, and with certain herbs.

In these higher states of consciousness, there are a few key differences:

  • Perception of time
  • Power of thoughts
  • Feelings of oneness
  • It’s believed that in 6D and 7D, our thoughts can be so powerful, that all we have to do is think about a place, and we can travel to it; without a physical body, we can go wherever we want, as fast as we want. Time is not linear, cannot be measured, and instead, time feels endless. There is no fear in these higher states of consciousness, and everything is perceived from a place of unconditional, pure love.

    In even higher states of consciousness, like 8D, 9D and 10D, it’s believed we are able to return our energy to Source, merging with our soul group, and traveling to different galaxies. In these higher states, we can also reincarnate back to Earth, or other star systems. The soul can also choose to continue moving up to higher levels of consciousness, such as the angelic realms.

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