Tips to Balance Your Throat Chakra

What is Throat Chakra Balance?

When the throat chakra is balanced and full of energy, it supports your ability to speak your truth. Throat chakra balance empowers your artistic self-expression, especially writing, speaking and singing. It can also affect the general health of your upper respiratory system, jaw, thyroid, throat glands, ears, and voice.

An imbalance in the throat chakra can lead to a lack of self-confidence. This results in problems speaking your truth, the compulsion to gossip, and a desire to complain about things, and poor listening. Most people desire to balance the throat chakra, to become a more mindful and effective communicator.

Often we only listen enough to respond, or we over-communicate, or keep things to ourselves, that we should share. It is these habits that, over time, can create an imbalance in the throat chakra, or Vishuddha.

Balancing and empowering the throat chakra is often about becoming a better listener. Also, it’s about learning when to share, and when to hold back. Finally, it’s about knowing how to present difficult information, in a way that not only is truthful, but kind.

Throat Chakra Balancing Stone and Oils

Author Wayne Dyer once said, that when communicating with others, “it is better to be kind than to be right.” While it is important to be kind, it is also important to speak up, and share what you strongly believe to be right. Speaking your truth, even if it may be offensive to others, is important. But often, there are times that it is better to be kind, than to prove you are right. This is because trying to prove you are right, will almost always lead you down the path of ego. But when truth is coming from a place of kindness, it almost always leads to a more honest discussion. Even though you are right, and have all the proof to back it up, sometimes it’s better to let that go. Instead, come from a place of heartfelt kindness, where people can actually hear you.

Learning how to communicate like this is not always easy. But often, it’s not because we don’t know what to say, but rather, we don’t know how to really listen. When we really listen, we are putting aside our own judgments. We also put aside our own feelings of what is right and wrong, and we listen in a new way. Consequently, this will allow us to really understand where the other person is coming from.

When we begin to listen in this way, it can also change the nature of the conversation. It will allow both sides to speak less defensively, and with more honesty and kindness.

But being kind is not about hiding your feelings, it’s about connecting to others in a deeper way. Kindness connects you to others in a more compassionate way, in a way that sees them as a soul. Finally, you will see each other as someone just doing their best, with what they know.

With certain conscious adjustments to your conversations, you will strengthen and balance the energy of your throat chakra. This will result in much more meaningful and mindful conversations.

Throat chakra balancing practices also include:

1. Wearing turquoise or light blue, especially around the neck.

2. Using Chakra crystals and gemstones, such as turquoise or aquamarine. Place the crystal or gemstone on the throat, and visualize it healing and opening the throat chakra.

3. Write in a journal, to express your true feelings an thoughts.

4. Have a conversation with yourself, out loud, about how you are really feeling. Or, have an imaginary conversation you wish you could have with someone else.

5. Recite an affirmation or mantra. Such as, I am open to really listening to what other people share with me. As I listen, I know the right words, and I express myself perfectly.

6. Meditate by visualizing a beautiful aqua light, healing and opening your throat chakra.

7. Gently rub your throat in an anticlockwise direction. As you rub your throat, imagine that you are clearing away any blockages. Finally, after 1-3 minutes, switch to a clockwise movement. Visualize that you are sealing and protectingyour throat chakra, so it remains healthy and balanced.
Remember, the throat chakra is one of the most powerful energy centers you have. Consequently, it deserves all of your love and attention. Finally, if you have difficulty expressing yourself, or voicing your opinion, or if you complain, or overshare, it’s time to energize, and balance your throat chakra.

Throat Chakra Balancing Sound Therapy

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