The Throat Chakra: Speak Your Inner Truth

A higher form of communication can easily be learned through the throat chakra. Listen to your soul and express yourself. When the throat chakra is open, it’s much easier to speak truth to yourself as well as others.

The throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is the first inline of the three spiritually aligned chakras. Deep within the throat, it regulates the physical area of the neck, thyroid, mouth, and larynx. The element corresponding to the Vishuddha is ether or space, as well as the sense of hearing.

To be aligned and open within the throat chakra is to listen, speak, and express yourself from a higher perspective. The essence of the Vishuddha chakra is faith, understanding and deeper meaning.
Know Your Highest Truth

Genuine expression does not always come easily. The truth is, there is a delicate balance between saying what you mean and being diplomatic and tactful. Sometimes, it’s just easier to say what the other person wants to hear rather than speaking your truth. Fear of rejection or judgment from other people can stop your truthful words cold.

To prepare you for this higher level of communication, first, work on the lower chakras. For example, if you align the root and sacral chakras, it helps overcome a sense of fear. Likewise, opening the solar plexus chakra empowers you with the personal power and confidence to express yourself. Knowing what’s really in your heart results when you align the heart chakra. If you align these chakras first, when it comes to speaking your desires, truth, and opinions you’ll be able to truthfully express yourself to others.

Expressing Your Truth

If you’re habituated to accommodating others, rather than saying what you want, you should practice speaking your needs and opinions out loud to yourself. Spoken and written affirmations are useful in manifesting desired reality. Write down what you want to say to others. For example, you’d like to ask your employer if you could work from home, but you haven’t had the courage to ask. Simply write out what you will say and practice in front of a mirror.

Or, maybe you’d like your friend to call before dropping by but you’re afraid of hurt feelings. Write down the request, practice it, and maybe include a couple of responses should she push back on your request.

Listen and Speak With Compassion

This ancient wisdom says that there are three thresholds you should cross before speaking.

1. First, ask yourself, “Is what I am about to say true?”
2. If it is, ask yourself, “Is what I want to say necessary?”
3. If the answer is yes, ask yourself, “Is what I am about to say compassionate?”

Speaking your truth doesn’t mean it’s OK to be hurtful. The real truth from your soul will come across to others as compassion and kindness.

Remember, listening is other aspect of the throat chakra. That includes giving the other person your full attention. That also means putting your cellphone down and waiting to listen the other person completely before you respond.

Aligning and Opening the Vishuddha Chakra

Humming, singing, chanting, and reading out loud are great ways to open the Vishuddha. In fact, the mantra sound for the throat chakra is HUM.

Pranayama breathing exercises can bring heat and energy to stimulate the throat chakra. Two excellent pranayama exercises for the Vishuddha are the Ujjayi breath and the lion’s breath.

If you practice yoga, camel pose, bridge pose, shoulder stand, and plow are good for unblocking the throat chakra. These yoga postures stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands, bringing energy into the throat.

Finally, the color of the throat chakra is light blue and turquoise. Wearing a chakra gemstone necklace made of turquoise, sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz or lapis lazuli can help to balance this chakra.

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