#Theta Healing Brainwaves and the #Chakras

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Do you, like most people, often suffer from a vague sense that something is not OK, fleeting, disturbing emotions and memories, vague aches and pains, sleeplessness, anxiety? Where do these feelings and memories come from? And what can you do to ease the pain? Is it really just “all in your head?”

Theta brainwaves are the rhythm of REM sleep, the source of lucid dreams, the dreamy consciousness, just before sleep, and just upon awakening. Theta brainwaves, measured at 4-7 Hz, are the doorway to the subconscious world; while we are in the Theta state, the mind and body is capable of deep and profound healing and learning; the Theta brainwave is where our minds connect to the Soul, and the Divine. It seems, that while we stand upon the threshold of the conscious, and the unconscious, miracles can happen, spontaneous healings, of mind, body and soul.

We access the miraculous Theta brainwave state not only during our night time dreams, but during our day dreams, when we are gifted with inspiration and insights, fanciful ideas, and beautiful imaginings, when we seem to see the world in Technicolor. It is a state of deep peace, and centered calm. Often, while meditating in a Theta state, we can access the hidden reasons for not only our emotional and mental attitudes, but also, for our physical ailments as well.

Traditional meditation techniques, which often take years to learn, aim at achieving a Theta brainwave state consciously; there are also new methods of meditation, such as binaural beats and isochronic tones, which use sound therapy techniques to externally manipulate the brainwaves. This can be very effective; within minutes, the user can achieve the desired brainwave state, with precision and ease, accessing the peace of mind, that facilitates physical and emotional healing, and enlightens the mind.

The Chakras are the energy centers of the body; there are seven main Chakras, each centered within a nerve plexus, and endocrine gland, and each governing not only various parts of the human body, but also, different aspects of the human consciousness. The energy, the attitudes and emotions, withheld within the chakras, blocks the flow of energy throughout the body, causing discomfort, and disease, not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically. By releasing this stagnant energy, we can release our natural ability to heal, on all levels.

Each Chakra has a sound; traditionally, these Chakra sounds have been chanted, with deep intonations, vibrating throughout the body. Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, attuned to these Chakra tones, have also been traditionally used to access and release the energies bound within the Chakras. A deep, meditative state is also necessary for these traditional methods to work. When energy is released from the Chakras through meditation, often, a flood of emotions and memories will flow, followed almost instantly, by a deep sense of peace and calm.

By combining the use of deep, Theta level sound healing techniques, such as binaural beats and isochronic tones, with the traditional sounds and tones associated with the Chakras, modern day miracles can happen; an almost instantaneous release of energy, washing throughout the body, and relief from physical, emotional and mental pain can be achieved.

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What is “Theta” meditation? Theta operates between 4 and 8 cycles per second. Theta is associated with intuition and inspiration, it is the bridge to our our subconscious. It is activated during dream sleep and deep meditational states. The Theta brainwave frequency is also associated with creative thinking, allowing us to tap into our inner genius. Some people also achieve out of body experiences during a deep Theta brainwave state.

This particular program starts at a binaural beat of 20.3 Hz (Beta) and ramps down gradually to a Theta beat of 4.5 Hz then back to a beat of 14.1. Consequently, you should only use this in a time and place where it is OK to possibly fall asleep. To take advantage of the binaural beats, you must use headphones, and be in a time and place where it is OK to relax or even fall sleep. To learn more about brainwave entrainment, click here.

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