Balancing the Darkness of the Root Chakra Against COVID-19

root chakra covid

The energy of the root chakra is related to our sense of physical survival, and possesses both qualities of light and darkness. During this “unprecedented time,” the nature of the COVID-19 mitigation measures can fester as negative energy within the chakras, especially the Muladhara.

Dark energy stored in the chakras contributes to your limiting beliefs, personal trauma and stuffed emotions can keep you from realizing your full potential.

By delving into the darkness of the root chakra, you can release the mental and emotional blockages that could contribute to lowering your resistance to the damaging effects of the mitigation efforts.

Not Being Here and Now

The root chakra thrives when you live in the here and now. During the lockdowns, you probably felt a longing to be elsewhere, someplace that was normal. When this happens, your energy becomes confused and dissipated, as you long for the past, or imagine grim future outcomes.

When in balance, the root chakra feels strong and grounded. To bring the root chakra into balance at this time, recite this affirmation, “I bring back all of my life force energy across time, space, and every dimension. I am here and now, with awareness and acceptance.”


Before the COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing mandates, you probably didn’t realize how important your family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers were to your emotional and mental well-being. When you feel lonely, unseen, and ignored, it can foster an imbalance in the root chakra. Bring this darkness into the light, by asking yourself the following question, “Have I ever felt safer when alone rather than with others?” The answer is probably yes. Draw on that memory for strength.

Disconnected from the Earth

People have a basic, spiritual need to feel a connection with Mother Earth. When prevented from connecting with the Earth by “authorities,” you become ungrounded. The root chakra naturally balances when you take time to experience nature, allowing it to nurture you.

While you are prevented from the “authorities” from going outside, you may consciously connect with a barefoot walk in your backyard, spending time mask-free out in the sun, or spend more time with your crystals. You can connect with Mother Earth during meditation by asking, “What do you want me to know? How can I work with you to heal? What message do you have for me today?”

Disconnection of the Body

When you don’t tune in to your body, the root chakra becomes imbalanced. As you are immersed in an atmosphere of fear during the reaction to COVID-19, you may not trust your body’s ability to heal naturally.

You can balance the root chakra by acknowledging your body as a vessel for your soul. By taking the time to listen to your body, feeding it nourishing food, and getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine, you can come into a deeper understanding of it.

Lack of Trust

A lack of faith and feelings of anxiety are the darkness of the first chakra. While the reaction to the pandemic has brought fear and uncertainty, actively process and release these emotions. Moreover, lean on your feelings of trust and faith in a spirit greater than you. Guard the root chakra with this affirmation; “The Universal Consciousness supports me. I trust the process of life and the evolution of my soul. ”

Belief in Scarcity

As millions of people were put out of work, the COVID-19 shutdowns naturally triggered feelings of financial insecurity. This feeling of scarcity extinguishes the light of the root chakra. The root chakra understands that money, food, and a safe home are essential to life in the real world. When this chakra is expanded with positive energy, you’re more likely to feel that your needs will be met. Try tapping into feelings of security and abundance by expressing gratitude for what you do have.

When you lack trust, social connection, and the ability to be present, the root chakra becomes unbalanced. Feelings of anxiety, scarcity, and isolation block the root chakra, which could manifest in your reality. By creating connecting your body and the Earth, and by shifting your mind to positive thoughts, your energy flows throughout your auric field. Don’t avoid the darkness, but rather process your way through it.

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