The Healing Properties of Sound

sound healing cymatics

The word Cymatics is derived from the ancient Greek word for waves. Modern-day Cymatics is “the study of vibration and wave phenomenon.” This metaphysical science was first introduced to the world by Dr. Hans Jenny in the 1970s. Cymatics dramatically demonstrates the ability of sound to transform, shape, and even destroy the physical objects all around us.

It’s hypnotizing to watch sound create perfectly geometric shapes carving the sand into predictable patterns that simulate atomic, biological, solar and even astronomical designs and movements. As the sound moves up the tonal scale, for example, it creates specific geometric forms. When the tones reach an octave, the same geometry begins again, with the same designs at a higher frequency.

Sound Frequencies Create Our Reality

It’s not surprising that many spiritual traditions pinpoint sound vibration as primary energy. For example, the Bible says, “In the beginning, there was the word, and the Word was God, All things came into being through Him.” [John 1:1-3]

In a similar way, the ancient Vedic texts of India link the original creation to the vibration and sound of OM. The Vedas explain in both literal and metaphorical ways, the development of the five elements.

The first element to be born was sound, and through its omnipotent vibrations, sound gives birth to cosmic space. Within that field, the vibration created the element of air. In turn, the vibration of air generates heat, creating fire. The glowing heat of the fire melts consciousness into water. Water, in turn, crystallizes into solid earth.

As you can see, each element naturally follows from another. Each element includes all the previous elements. As the densest element, Earth needs the input of the lighter elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water) in order to take shape. Human beings are composed of all five elements; the qualities of each element create our experience.

Elemental Sound Healing for Health

When the elements are balanced, they are a source of vitality and health. These elements create the framework of human experience, including the divine. However, when out of balance, the very same elements can facilitate disease and decay, creating intense human pain and suffering.

The cessation of suffering is the common goal of all spiritual practices. Humanity has developed many elegant theories and practices to achieve this, but human suffering persists. Is this because we’ve been addressing symptoms rather than the root cause?

According to the health practice of Ayurveda, all dis-ease is caused by disharmony within the doshas or the elements that we are made of. Considering that sound vibration is the primary underpinning of all creation, it only makes sense to go directly to sound to achieve the deepest spiritual healing.

The Creator as Musical Composer

It seems that the nature of the Creator is that of a musical composer; is God busy conducting the musical sounds that cause the grass to grow, and turns the planets around the sun? Perhaps humanity plays a vital part in this complex symphony. However, it’s unfortunate that many people choose to play a disharmonious role in life.

Such disharmony disrupts natural music, critically endangering the individual. While God, the conductor, does its best to balance such atonality, it eventually has disastrous results.

The Eternal Sound of OM

Anyone who has ever Om’d in a yoga class or sat near a singing bowl has perhaps relaxed into bliss by losing track of whose voice is whose, not knowing whether the sound is coming from within or without. If you have ever intoned Om with others, you may notice that the combined sound tends towards attunement. The principle of attunement is a powerful source of spiritual healing, both personal and for the world. Disharmony is absorbed and integrated. Sound vibration moves towards balance.

Like any musical instrument, the human body needs regular tuning in order to play harmoniously. Keeping yourself finely tuned is a fundamental basis for overall health and well-being. Wit proper attunement, the vibratory body feels an effortless connection with the world.

As sound is the first subtle element, it permeates every other form. Therefore, the sound is a profound transmitter for the natural intelligence of our bodies and soul. Find your rhythm, and Whatever you do, realize that yielding to the rhythm of the Creator is truly healing.

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