The 7 Essene Mirrors and the 7 Chakras

7 essene mirrors 7 chakras


The Essenes were an ancient and ascetic Jewish sect, existing from 150 BCE to AD 70. The ancient Essenes defined personal relationships with a method called the Seven Essene Mirrors. The Essenes separated into seven categories the way we relate to others in the course of our lives. They called their seven categories “mirrors”, because every moment of our inner life is mirrored in the choices, actions, and language of the people we interact with. In addition, these seven Essene mirrors also relate to the seven Chakras.

The First Essene Mirror

This reflects the fear or anger we send to the one who is closest to us. This Mirror is held in the Root Chakra.  The Root Chakra governs lessons of survival in the material world. Consequently, when individuals filled with anger and fear surround us, we begin to reflect that fear and anger back, like a mirror. But the the mirror can work the other way, when we reflect back strength and security. The first Essene mirror reflects our presence in the present moment. Finally, the mystery of the first Essene mirror reflects what we send out to the people around us, in the present moment.

The Second Essene Mirror

More subtle than the first mirror, the second mirror concerns our judgment in the present moment. The second Essene mirror is held in the second, or Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra governs lessons of blame and guilt, sex, power and control. As a result, this mirror shows us what we judge in the present moment. If you find yourself surrounded by people who trigger blame, frustration or feelings of guilt, then ask yourself, “Is this me in the present moment?” If the answer is no, then it is showing you what you are judging in others at that moment.

The Third Essene Mirror

The wisdom of the third mirror, reflects what is contained in the third, or Solar Plexus Chakra. The wisdom contained in this Chakra involves your sense of personal power and knowing, and your personality and sense of belonging. As a result, the third Essene mirror is easy to recognize, because we perceive it when we look into another’s eyes. We recognize it when we encounter someone who embodies what we have lost in the past, and are also reaching towards totality. Ask yourself, “What have I lost? What have I abandoned? What was taken from me?” The answer may surprise you.

The Fourth Essene Mirror

This mirror involves addictions and compulsive behavior. It relates to the fourth, or Heart Chakra. This Chakra involves lessons of compassion, love, hope and inspiration. It also embodies one’s self acceptance and confidence. When we lack these qualities, we can adopt addictive and compulsive behaviors, organizing our lives around them. Consequently, the fourth Essene mirror lets us to observe ourselves, in a state of compulsion and dependence. Through the dependency of addiction, we give up the things of the heart, the people we love most.

The Fifth Essene Mirror

The fifth Essene mirror reflects the way we live our lives. This mirror is seated in the fifth, or Throat Chakra. This Chakra involves our self expression, and ability to speak one’s truth. It also includes our sense of faith, and our will power to follow through. If you often feel judged, or feel you can’t follow through in what you want to do, this mirror allows you to see more deeply why you live your life in a certain way. Consequently, the fifith mirror asks you to admit that your actions reflect your beliefs and expectations.

The Sixth Essene Mirror

This mirror reflects the challenges that can be overcome with grace. It is seated in the sixth Chakra. The sixth Chakra is the source of inner vision, dreams, wisdom and our spiritual direction. Each challenge demonstrates the possibility of achieving higher levels of mastery. This mirror reflects our naked soul, challenging us to trust in Life. Most importantly, every challenge we face in life is a test, a lesson we must learn to develop our soul. However difficult, we must react calmly and wisely. Likewise, this allows us to learn from these life lessons.

The Seventh Essene Mirror

This is often the most difficult Essene mirror. It urges us to realize that every experience in our lives is perfect. It is seated in the seventh, or Crown Chakra. This Chakra contains your connection to the Divine, your connection to your past lives, and your life’s purpose. The only goals in our lives must pertain to ourselves. No matter what, we can not accept the limits imposed by others. The seventh Essene mirror reflects the Divine Order, of everything that happens in your life. Know this, and simply manage your feelings. Know that the Universe takes care of everything.

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