Secret of Higher Consciousness: The Fractal Microcosm

Secret of Higher Consciousness: The Fractal Microcosm

Human beings are not only gifted with a physical anatomy, also endowed with a spiritual anatomy. Spiritual energy supports our life, and our consciousness. Mirrored as a microcosm of the Universe, the human energy circulation system within and around the physical body, reflects the patterns we find in the Universe, flowing in orbital patterns along channels referred to as meridians.

Just as the planets move in an orbit around the sun, so do electrons orbit the nuclei of our atoms, creating a bio-electricity, atoms which form the substance of our bodies. We are electrical beings, and when our “electrical circuitry” is running efficiently, our health and wellness is vibrant. Modern science is finally coming to this understanding, and acknowledging ancient practices such as acupuncture, as an effective method to alleviate certain health concerns.

While modern scientists are only exploring these concepts in recent decades, for millenia, esoteric traditions have developed systems of meditation and physical exercise, such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Kundalini Yoga to strengthen and refine one’s chi, kundalini, or life force energy. These notable practices of energy meditation, focus on the development of the pranic energy.

What is this “chi”, and where does it come from?

Chi (also known as prana) is the primordial life force. In human life, with sperm and egg, and from this original fusion, a complex human being develops. “Chi” (or Prana) is the flow of energy that links the individual cells, the different tissues, our organs, and the functioning or our brains, into a unified whole. The energy also links a person to their environment.

Opening the energy channels clears all obstructions impeding the flow of chi energy; most energetic obstructions take the form of mental, emotional or physical stress. Comparing the the energetic system of our bodies to the orbits of the celestial bodies of our Universe, it can be explained how a meditative practice can open the body’s primary bio-electrical channels, allowing an orbital flow of energy to move, without effort, around all the major organs of the body.

The main energy channels of the body could be compared to the wiring of a house; imagine a power line bringing power into the home’s circuits. There are circuit breakers which protect the internal wiring from short circuits, and overloads. There are also circuits that controlling the current to all the rooms inside the house. Once your body is properly “wired”, and all safety precautions have been made, you are ready to connect directly and consciously to the Universal power; you ready to receive that power, coming from above and from below, directly, without harm.

Anyone can develop their chi and increase their personal energy. The benefit to diligently cultivating chi are many, including emotional balance, radiant health, better sleep, stronger immunity, peace of mind, higher awareness, increased psychic and intuitive powers, and most importantly, an increased capacity to heal.

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