Why Is Your Spiritual Path Blocked?

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There will always come a time in your spiritual growth, when you feel as if you’ve lost your way on the path of spiritual growth. Your mindful outlook has been over taken by anxiety and over analyzing. You have lost your positive outlook, and intuition.

Road blocks in your spiritual journey of awakening suggest that you the need to slow down, and take a break. It is simply a time to rearrange your thinking, and reorder all your beliefs. It’s not going to be easy to cut through it, you need to be patient with yourself, in spite of all the frustration you feel.

If this has already happened to you, there may be four main reasons behind it:

You Are in Need of Healing.

A spiritual awakening can release repressed emotions and memories into your conscious awareness. You may become keenly aware of events you never wanted to recall, or some memories may be so distant and elusive, they may seem like a figment of your imagination, or a dark fantasy.

Your spiritual path will continue, once you can heal from this trauma of the past. You have reached a plateau, and you need to resolve and reintegrate the trauma, before you can continue with your journey.

You Feel Anger.

There could be many underlying causes for anger, such as unresolved or unacknowledged trauma, such as an inability to forgive certain traumatic memories of the past.

This is related to the above issue, healing past trauma, and it suggests there is something you still need to accept, or let go.

Your Spiritual Practice Has Caused You to Develop an Over Inflated Ego.

Do not blind yourself to the fact that pursuing a spiritual awakening can trigger your ego to indulge in all the realizations of how special, and superior, you are. This feeling of being special, and superior, will push you further from the Truth, making you blind to the fact that all those things that make you special, can be applied to everyone.

The minute you feel you have arrived at your ultimate level of spiritual awareness, is when you will stop moving forward on your spiritual path. Get out of your own way, and don’t allow your ego to define the ever changing nature of your true self.

You Feel Frustrated With the Way the World Is.

If you have been fortunate to experience what can be described as spiritual euphoria, you are bound to feel dissatisfied, when you experience the reality of the average human consciousness. Once you’ve explored the higher realms of consciousness, coming back down to “reality” can naturally feel disappointing when you can’t share your thoughts, and deep experiences with the average person. You try to find ways to communicate your experience and your knowledge, but to no avail.

Nothing has changed in the world, but your perception. Don’t try to change the world, it’s not your responsibility. You can only change yourself. Do what you love, and follow your purpose.

If you are experiencing a block in your spiritual path, just remember it’s only temporary. Try to meet your anger with love, and follow your intuition. Develop your purpose in life, and keep moving forward.

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