Spiritual Karma Cleansing for a Better Life

We hear, all the time, about cleansing our bodies; some people go on a juice cleanse, others use the Master Cleanse, spending a week drinking a mix of organic lemon juice, purified water, and cayenne powder, and some drink herbal teas. The point of a cleanse is to rid yourself of toxins in the body, the accumulation of eating junk food, and breathing polluted air. But it’s more than that, it’s a preparation to renewal for your body so that you can begin living well.

Cleansing is the same for your spirit. It is good to perform a spiritual cleanse, so that you can rid yourself of the toxic accumulation in your aura, chakras and soul. It happens to everyone. We compromise our principles every week; it isn’t just doing things we shouldn’t, it’s also not doing the things that would make us more fulfilled and happier. Our decisions often add up to compromises on how we live.

A spiritual cleanse helps you start over, with a clean slate. Just as your body is ready to take in real nourishment after a cleanse, your spirit will be ready to start a new energetic cycle.

Six Steps For A Spiritual Cleanse

Cleansing your spirit, and your karma, is a reset. It allows you to turn a new page.

Seek Forgiveness. Find the people you have wronged, both large and small, and make up what you owe them, and be genuine in your contrition. Even if they don’t give forgiveness, the act of truly being sorry for what you have done frees you spiritually.

Give Forgiveness. Forgive those who have wronged you. Holding on to resentment creates a festering psychic wound. This isn’t a matter of just “accepting”, it is a deep letting go.

Find Gratitude. Make a list of all that you are grateful for. This can open you to the goodness of the world, and make you more accepting of the things that don’t work in your favor.

See Beauty. There is beauty and joy everywhere, and opening yourself up to that influences how you treat the people around you, and how they treat you. See the clouds, and imagine the endless cycle of evaporation and condensation, and know that you are part of the infinite dance of life.

Contribute to Goodness. Make a list of something you can do every day to bring a more goodness to the planet. This can be anything from talking to a lonely neighbor, to cleaning up the side of the highway. The good you do does circle round by making a better world for everyone to live in, and that includes you.

Examine Your Intentions. Go deep within yourself to find out why you do what you do. Is your volunteer work selfless, or do you just want to go through the motions for kudos? Do you keep taking credit for other people’s work? Learning about your real motives can help shape your actions. Know yourself, all goodness flows from there.

A karmic spiritual cleansing doesn’t mean your life will suddenly be perfect. It is private and internal, and it is about letting yourself be ready to both accept and give goodness. It sets your spirit back into alignment, making your life better, and making the world better. That rebounds unto all of us.

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