Rose Quartz Beauty for Heart Chakra Healing

Rose Quartz is the Chakra gemstone associated with the Heart Chakra, and of unconditional love. It can balance and enliven the Heart chakra, filling you with positive, loving energy. Rose Quartz can revitalize and cleanse your aura, resulting in the release of tension, and any feelings of anger and resentment you may have, replacing these negative emotions with feelings of hope and peace. The powerful vibrations of love bathe your Heart chakra, reprogramming and rejuvenating your outlook on life.

How to Make Your Own Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Water

Begin by rinsing your Rose Quartz crystals a few times in pure, filtered water. When you are finished rinsing your crystals, place your Rose Quartz in a glass container, covering the gemstones with more pure, filtered water. Then set them in direct sunlight, beginning at sunrise, and allow the crystals to absorb the sun’s energy until sunset.

In the evening, bring the Rose Quartz water inside, and rinse it on your face, while saying loving affirmations to yourself.

You might say, “I love myself”,“I am worthy,”  “I deserve love”, or any affirmation that speaks to your own issues regarding your self love.

The next morning, refill your glass container with purified water, and place it back under the sun, to have a constant supply of Heart Chakra water.

Heart Chakra Facial Oil

Once you have made your Rose Quartz beauty water, you can use it to not only cleanse your face, and also you can use that water to create a Heart chakra energetic healing facial oil.

You can blend your Rose quartz infused water, with jojoba oil, along with rose, bergamot, melissa, jasmine or rosewood Heart chakra essential oils. Experiment, and see which combination works best for you. This Heart chakra balancing combination will not only help to balance your Heart chakra energy, it will also moisturize dry skin, and activate your skin cells to rejuvenate to a more healthy and youthful state.

Rose Quartz Infused Facial Mist


4 oz Rose Quartz infused beauty water
24 drops argan oil
12 drops Rose essential oil
12 drops Jasmine essential oil
(or if you prefer, you can use bergamot, melissa or rosewood essential oil).

Combine all the ingredients in a spray mister bottle. Before each use, shake well and mist your face. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, smile, focus on your Heart Chakra, and say a positive affirmation of self love.

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