Removing Mental Blocks


Humans are the sort of creatures that hold many mysteries. Among these mysteries is that of the chakra flow. According to ancient scripts and teachings, the body contains a sort of energy fluid that regulates the body’s energy pathways.

During the intense routine, these pathways get blocked with negative energy and thus diminishing human natural performance. This can be healed by using meditation.

Meditation and Chakra Healing

The human body is a mere vessel for what is inside. The chakras can absorb negative energies from the surrounding world, causing the blocking of the chakra pathways like a clogged drain. This can be only opened if the negative energy is removed. This can be done by using meditation as a tool to clear out this problem. This acts as the healing process for most of the chakra related problems.

Though the meditation experience may vary from person to person, its effects may be more or less the same. This is because they are all doing it for the sake of healing; meditation can be a very wise source for smoothing situations out and making them more streamlined. The experience can be started with different stimuli; someone might be put into a state of trance if they engage in cooking. Likewise, others might find relaxing in the garden meditative.

Choosing the Right Color

The beauty of the chakras is that although they may be interrupted more by outside energies, they can be repaired by using simple techniques that remove the blockage holding back the chakra flow. Meditation in this process is very helpful, and the healing process can be greatly reduced, given the fact that it aids in solving these problems very easily.

Surrounding oneself with different colors like violet or white for the crown chakra and indigo for the third eye can aid tremendously in the healing process. These colors attract the energies related to these chakra points. Colored candles can also be very helpful as well as blankets or pillows of certain colors that can stimulate the chakra points.


The location of the Crown chakra and the Third eye is placed in the head region and is thus responsible for intuition and the way we connect to our spiritual world and the way we see things. These chakras are very important. Meditation is one of the healing methods for these chakra points and thus resolve blockage issues.

Experts also suggest that apart from surrounding yourself with colors related to these chakra points one should also try to make the location of their meditation scented. The person should use lavender, lilac, or jasmine scents as a means to heal the broken down chakra capabilities.

Change the Viewing Glasses

The body is encompassed by different energy issues daily. There is nothing that damages the human body more than the use of ego. Strange as this may sound, one must make use of their best behavior, as this attracts positive energy. Whereas, on the other hand, things can go sideways if you are not taking responsibility for yourself. Release excess ego when you sit down for meditation; this greatly affects your healing process in a very negative way.

Try to change the way you approach things and lose the negative energy. Try to be someone who is not filled with negativity. By doing this, your chakra points will improve considerably, and you will feel the block lifting.

Using Love

The biggest problem with most of us is that when we try to meditate, we tend to forget the most important rule. That is to forget all sorrows and pains and fill your heart with love and care. It is only then that one can truly master the healing power of meditation. The wise teachers suggest that through negative energies, one can block up everything. Likewise, while a happy, positive attitude can change things for a better healing experience.

If your day has been rough, and a lot has happened, try to unwind first before going into meditation. Hence, forgetting about all your troubles is what is necessary for the healing process.

Clearing Your Head

It goes without saying that although meditation can help in resolving chakra related issues, a protocol must be followed. The most important thing during this whole scenario is that you clear your head of all thoughts. It’s useless to think that you would be concentrating on the task at hand if you are thinking of something else in your mind. This would ruin the healing process of the third eye and crown chakra. This is a very important message.

Small thoughts may be allowed during the meditation time; this is perfectly normal. But you should refrain from any thinking on your own.

Using the Sound

It is not always true that smell and thoughts can unblock our held back energies. Sometimes sounds can be our direct savior in terms of connection with the true self. It’s believed that crystalline solfeggio tone at 963 Hz can be super helpful in terms of healing the crown chakra. Similarly, with a 27 minute sacred sound of the Binaural Beats, one can ease up the pressure on the third eye.


Meditation is probably the best way of healing one’s body after passing through a difficult time. It’s through meditation that you can concentrate on your negative energies and try to resolve your chakra related problems. Simply by following a few steps as explained before.

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