#Reiki and the #Chakra System


The Chakras are the theoretical basis for Ayurvedic Medicine, the traditional medicine of India. Chakras are very important in Yoga, as well as other meditation practices. Chakras are points of swirling subtle energy within the body, and they are also entryways to higher vibrational planes; the astral, ethereal, mental and causal bodies may be accessed through these chakra points. The human body is said to have at least seven levels, only one of which has a physical expression as the body. Other levels of human consciousness include the Etheric, which is the seat of the emotions, the Mental, which is the cause of the mind, and the Causal, which is the level of spirit. The astral plane is seen as an interface between the physical body, and these higher realms.

The subtle energy of the Chakras is carried to all parts of the physical body by channels called Nadi’s. Nadi’s are similar to the circulatory system, or the nervous system. Nadis are similar to the Meridians in Chinese Medicine. According to some, the Chakra System and the Meridian system, although both energetic in nature, are two very different, but complementary systems of energy flow.

Chakras and Reiki

From a Reiki perspective, it is clear that the system originally developed by Dr. Usui and Dr. Hayashi is based on the manipulation of Qi, within the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Western Reiki, on the other hand, has adopted the Chakra System completely. Reiki and the Chakras have become intimately interwoven, and for good reason. Both the Chakras and the Meridians are entryways into higher vibrational realms, and there are important Acupuncture points located at the site of each Chakra.

Reiki is an energy practice of wholeness. While it sprang from the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it now embraces both the Chakra and Meridian systems, empowers both, serves both, and is a bridge between the two systems. As our knowledge deepens, we will begin to see how these two systems can work together for the benefit of all-around healing.

Chakras and Acupuncture

It’s been theorized that each system operates at a different frequency. Some practitioners of Acupuncture have noted that it seems as if the Meridian System is a direct pathway to the emotions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a primary cause of disease in the body is seen as emotional disharmony. Also, there are numerous acupuncture points that go beyond balancing the emotions, to calming the spirit. It is believed that a restless spirit has a tendency to wander away from the body, which is detrimental to good health.

Chakras and Ayurveda

Those experienced with Ayurveda suggest that the Chakra System works more on the Spiritual and Mental Level. This suggests a fundamental difference in perspective between the two systems. While the Chinese Taoists who originated the theories and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine sought the secret of eternal life in the physical, the practitioners of the Indian Yoga sought Immortality in more spiritual forms.

Chakras and Sound Healing

Chakra Healing Isochronic Tones
What are Isochronic Tones? Isochronic tones are a sound therapy technique that is very powerful. Isochronic tones are regularly paced beats of a single tone; we have used the Solfeggio frequencies associated with each Chakra for these tones. You might hear these pulsing tones as a sort of “helicopter” sound. The frequencies used in this program are not only attuned to the Chakras, but also to the Earth… the isochronic tones progress along what is called the Schumann Resonances. The Schumann Resonance is the magnetic frequency of our planet Earth. The goal is, to not only realign your energy to the correct Chakra balances but also to realign you to a feeling of balance with the planet.

Relax, close your eyes, put on your headphones, and get ready for the most unique and powerful Chakra meditations you will ever experience! The tones will progress up, from the Root Chakra to the Crown. You may actually feel something at each point, experience the release of trapped emotions, physical feelings, vibrations, euphoria; each individual’s experience will be different, and your personal experience may not be the same each time, as you progress on your path of spiritual growth. The meditative brainwave state is known for its many restorative and healing benefits to the body, mind, and soul.

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