Read The Frequency Of Your Consciousness to Reshape Your Reality

You may have heard people say, ‘You should raise your frequency’, but not know what this means.

You live in reality, based on the frequency you project into the world. Think of your brain as a receiver. We experience our world through our brain, and everything that you perceive as outside of yourself, is processed as by your brain. The brain uses the information your senses rceive from the outer world (and also from your inner world) and translates it according to the frequency it’s set to.

A higher frequency means a higher level of consciousness, setting your brain receive and process at a deeper level, and wider range of reality. Also, a higher frequency means setting your heart to feel higher emotions, energizing your body and spirit, feeling free to explore the vastness of the world.

So, how to find out your frequency? There are 7 aspects to your frequency that can tell you.

What are the external reflections of your inner world?

Your home may be a mess, but you want to be a clean, organized person. You may want peace of mind, but there’s always something stressing you out. You may want to have the time to read, meditate, or walk in nature, but you never have enough time. Feel what you really want to change within and around you. Whatever disparity you find between your perfect world and your outer world, that’s your clue. Your frequency is between those disparities, and needs to move more towards your perfect vision.

Observe the people you choose to surround yourself with.

Your friends and acquaintances are reflections of our reality, what we resonate with, and harmonize with. Do your friends have addictions? Are they depressed? Are they lazy, and lack initiative? Be honest with yourself. Take a closer look at the people you surround yourself with; they are a reflection of the aspect of the frequency you project. When people change their frequency, they usually lose a few friends.

Feel your default emotion.

When was the last time you paid attention to your dominant emotion? Feel yourself, feel your body, where you are tense, where your body is stressed, and how you feel being yourself. How do you experience yourself as a person? Try to be objective, and rate how you feel.

What kind of music do you prefer listening to.

Music is a ‘vibrational painting’ of energy, that you can experience over and over again. Depending on the type of emotion you are addicted to, you can discover the type of frequency you are projecting through the type of music you like. The same applies to the type of movies you like. Look for the emotion you are trying to get from it; we always listen to music that resonate with our current frequency.

Become aware of your dominant thoughts.

Take note of your thoughts, and see what your dominant thoughts are, throughout your day. What is your mind obsessed with? Not all of your thoughts are necessarily important, but your most dominantg thoughts are. They are just the tip of the iceberg, but they can give you an idea of what is below the surface of your conscious mind.

Look at your addictions and habits.

The habits we practice shape who we are. The more you are addicted to anything, the more you are becoming a product of that habit. Taking a look in what your daily schedule consists of, and you might find a key element of your frequency.

Listen to the echo of The Universe.

Look for reoccurring patterns in your life, for lessons you’re not able to learn. The Universe is trying to teach you something, and you’re not really getting it. What you are upset about is the greatest hint to where you need to dig a little deeper into your psyche.

How do you put it all together?

Your external reflection, the people you surround yourself with, the feeling you have of yourself, the type of music you listen to, the dominant thoughts, the habits and addictions, the echo of The Universe, the frequency you project upon the world is based in these 7 aspects. Try to get a sense of who you are, by looking at how all these aspects are originating from within you.

How do you change the frequency you project to the world?

The frequency you emit shapes the reality you live in, and the emotions create the shape of your reality, with your thoughts filling in the details.

Before you can raise your frequency, you first must be aware of the frequency you’re at now. Once you know your frequency, you can see what needs to be done to raise it.

You can begin the process of raising your frequency, by surrounding yourself with more harmonious people, better habits and environments. But the core issues distorting your frequency are the issues you must solve within yourself.

Look for trauma in your life, and the beliefs that make you feel powerless. What makes you believe that you’re not enough?

A key element of raising your frequency and the level of your consciousness is opening your heart. By tuning into the frequency of love, you connect with the cosmic intelligence, increasing the level of your consciousness. Being in tune with love, while vibrating with your real frequency, will evolve your entire being.

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