The Purposeful Energy of Your Chakras

The vital life energy that flows in and out of your Chakra system has a purpose. Each individual Chakra also has an individual purpose, fine tuning and balancing all levels of your well being. An imbalance in your Chakras can have a serious effect on the quality of your life and well being.

Discover the purposeful energy of each Chakra below:

The Energy of the Root Chakra

Purpose. The root chakra provides a link to the physical world. It is the foundation for your personality, defining the structure of your being.

When in balance, the vibrant energy of the Root chakra manifests as a strong connection to nature, trust in natural law, and a natural understanding of the patterns of life. When out of balance, the root chakra can cause a distrust in the process of life. Material possessions can become an obsession, with powerful urges to selfishly satisfy base desires.

Find balance for your Root Chakra here.

The Energy of the Sacral Chakra

Purpose. The Sacral Chakra influences your relationships with your family, friends and romantic partners. The Sacral chakra energy influences our emotions, and powers of our sexual energy.

When in balance, the sacral chakra extends considerate feelings towards others. A person with healthy sacral energy has a well developed, friendly, and open outlook towards others. When out of balance, the sacral chakra can create uncertainty and uneasy feelings towards intimate relationships. Emotions may be blocked, not easily expressed, and natural desires denied and suppressed.

Find balance for your Sacral Chakra here.

The Energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra

Purpose. Processes our desires, authority and spirituality. The Solar Plexus chakra is where the spiritual meets the physical.

When in balance, the Solar Plexus energy can bring a feeling of peace, calm and wholeness. Those with a healthy solar plexus energy feel fulfilled, and self assured, as well as spiritually and materially balanced. When out of balance, Solar Plexus energy can lead a person to be dominant and overbearing. They lack trust in the natural flow of life. Someone with an imbalnce in their Solar Plexus chakra may feel uneasy or needy. They can even be paranoid and delusional, concerning their spiritual and material well being.

Find balance for your Solar Plexus Chakra here.

The Energy of the Heart Chakra

Purpose. The energy of the Heart chakra blends our creativity with our emotions. Aesthetic desires are molded into a meaningful expression, and negative feelings are neutralized, making forgiveness possible.

When in balance, the Heart chakra lends a feeling of tolerance, wholeness and acceptance to life. This allows a  balance between the spiritual and the material worlds. When out of balance, the Heart chakra can cause a person to have unrealistic expectations of others, and conditional in their emotional expectations.

Find balance for your Heart Chakra here.

The Energy of the Throat Chakra

Purpose. The Throat chakra transmutes your emotions into verbal expression. Laughter and tears both have their outlet through this chakra. The Throat chakra is linked to sound, both physically and spiritually.

When in balance, the Throat chakra energy allows you to be confident, well balanced, and expressive. You are not afraid to show your feelings honestly. A balanced Throat chakra allows you to listen to your inner voice, and speak your personal truth, openly and wisely. When out of balance, there are fears of being judged, and an inability to express feelings. People with an imbalance in the Throat chakra can be inclined to talk a lot about nothing, with a need to fill the fearful silence with any noise.

Find balance for your Throat Chakra here.

The Energy of the Third Eye Chakra

Purpose. Third Eye chakra energy enables us to recognize and accept our true spiritual nature. This enhances our sense of connection with all things. Spiritual intuition and knowing is fed to us through this chakra.

When in balance, the Third Eye chakra spiritually attunes your awareness. A person with an open third eye chakra is very intuitive, conscious, and aware of the layers of meaning in everyday life. Likewise, they have a feeling of oneness and completeness. Out of balance, this chakra can cause a person to distrust their intuition, and reject the spiritual aspects of their life; they are very scientific, only accepting the provable and the rational. Such a person has little tolerance or understanding for the esoteric, the spiritual.

Find balance for your Third Eye Chakra here.

The Energy of the Crown Chakra

Purpose. The Crown chakra is your connection to the Divine. The transcendent aspects of our spiritual nature descend into our physical bodies through the Crown chakra.

When in balance, the Crown chakra energy grants the knowledge and the consciousness of the unity of all things. This chakra energy is fully evolved, listening to the Divine plan and God’s will. For those with a balanced and opened Crown chakra, the Divine Will is central, and the person is willing to follow the path of the highest good, fully reflecting the Divine. When out of balance, the Crown chakra can channel fear and anxiety, with no trust in the Divine order, and no respect for God’s Will. Someone with a blocked Crown chakra may feel unsatisfied with life, and unable to elevate their consciousness beyond cynicism. The concepts of Divine order and abundance will be a complete mystery.

Find balance for your Crown Chakra here.

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