The Psychology of Color

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Light, color, and sound are composed of electromagnetic energy. These vibrate at different frequencies. Our Chakras, the seven energy centers within the physical body, also correspond to different sounds and colors. This self-hypnosis MP3 uses the sounds and colors of the Chakras, helping you enhance your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The Isochronic Tones used on this MP3 realign the out of tune frequencies you may be experiencing within your emotions and spirit, by exposing you to the Solfeggio color frequencies associated with each Chakra. This MP3 gently entrains your brain to a refreshing level of meditation.

Just play on your stereo, to fill your environment with deeply meditative and healing Solfeggio tones. This is not exactly music, it is pure, Chakra balanced Solfeggio color healing tones combined with the hypnotic sound of Chakra attuned Tibetan Singing Bowls.

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