Practice Vibrational Healing for Your Well-Being

vibrational healing

Our world is often a stressful web of increasingly complex technology, in addition to the stress of every day modern life. Consequently, the stress that inflicts on our bodies, inspires many to look to natural, vibrational healing methods. There are few wonderful forms of vibrational healing from nature, which we will explore.

Dr. Richard Gerber states that, vibrational healing is “an evolving viewpoint of health and illness that takes into account the many forms and frequencies of vibrating energy. These contribute to the multi-dimensional human energy system”. Vibrational healing includes a variety of natural remedies. It’s based on using the energy within things, such as plants, crystals, food, and even sunlight.

Accupuncture and Chakra Healing

Acupuncture, Chakra healing, and sound therapy are direct and potent forms of vibrational healing.

Accupuncture works along the energy “meridians” of the human body. (The meridians of Chinese medicine are interconnected with the Chakra energy system). Placing metal needles into specific accupuncture points, can  unblock and redirect the energy of the body . By the same token, the energy of the Chakras can be re-balanced with sound healing. Sound is a primary vibration. By using sounds atuned to the Chakras, they can easily be brought back into balance.

Accupuncture requires a visit to a highly trained and skilled, licensed professional. However, Chakra healing with sound is easily be practiced on your own. You can practice with Chakra tuned singing bowls, or with Chakra sound MP3s, available on this site.

Crystal Healing

The use of crystals is a more passive form of vibrational healing. While many dismiss this, it’s important to remember that crystals are used in radios, computers, radios, and even credit cards. The ability for crystals to store and transmit information is incredible. Crystals possess an extremely high vibration, condensed in the form of a rock. The high vibrations blend with the energetic field of the person, when a crystal is placed on the body. This can create a type of healing effect. This crystal healing can transform lower energy patterns, such as fear, guilt, and resentment.

Flower Essences and Essential Oils

Flower essences and essential oils have been used for centuries. Essential oils are extracted from plants, and work on the physical body. However, flower essences work in a very different manner. They are believed to act on the bio-electrical field of the body.

The leaves, bark, and the roots of plants can provide many of the nutrients that our bodies need. So it make sense that flowers can also be beneficial. After all, the most beautiful part of the plant, should be the most potent.

Dr. Edward Bach was the first to bring flower essence therapy into the mainstream in the 1930’s. At that time, he began to solely use flower essences in his practice. He moved away from London, into the countryside, to work directly with the flowers. Here, he developed the world famous Bach Flower Remedies.

Flower essences are floral water infusions, that address emotional and mental aspects of health. Place flowers, with leaves or bark, into a glass bowl, with the cleanest, purest water, to create your own, unique flower essences. Place the flower filled bowl in the sunlight for several hours. This allows the Sun’s rays to imprint the bio-electrical energy of the flower into the water. Essentially, the consciousness of the flowers is imprinted into the water, then transfered to the person. Take drops of flower essences orally, or onto the skin.

Because flower essences affect the vibrational spect of our being, they are safe to use. Many holistic doctors use both herbal remedies and flower essences together. This is because they are synergistic. The effect of flower essences is sometimes immediately felt. But often, it may take weeks to feel a shift. Flower remedies are subtle, and work gently.

In conclusion

Vibrational healing is generally something you can practice on your own. Using sound, essential oils, crystals and flower essences, can easily bring your energy back into balance.

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