Oxygen, Prana and the Dangers of Masks

Oxygen, Prana and the Dangers of Masks

Life is to breathe, and the art of life-enhancing breath is called Pranayama. Prana is the life energy all around us, and we take it in every time we breathe; but how can that happen if you’re forced to wear a mask, ostensibly for your health? The answer is, you can not.

God Gave Us a Human Face and an Immune System

It’s said we are made in the image of God; to constantly hide our face behind a mask denies us both our humanity and our divinity.

Not only does a mask hide your unique identity, but it also blocks out the beneficial rays of the sun; while many people wear sunscreen to protect themselves from sunburn, you must remember that the sun also triggers your body to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a vital role in boosting the immune system.

God blessed us with an immune system; despite the current trends, to build our immune systems, we must be exposed to bacteria and viruses. While obvious precautions should be taken around sick people or filthy conditions, ordinary life generally doesn’t pose a danger to a healthy person with a good immune system.

God also blessed the planet with healthy foods and clean water; in order to build your immune system, you must have a good diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. Taking additional vitamins is also a good idea, especially if a virus is going around.

Oxygen, Prana and the Dangers of Masks

Obviously, we would die within a few minutes without oxygen. However, lowered levels of oxygen also can have serious, long term effects. Low oxygen levels affect more than the lungs, your blood also becomes oxygen-deprived. All of your organs, tissues, and cells depend on the blood delivering oxygen, so an adequate intake of oxygen is vital. Masks can impede that.

Masks can also impede the efficient exhalation of carbon dioxide; too much carbon dioxide in your bloodstream can also cause problems. Both low oxygen and elevated carbon dioxide levels can cause dizziness, difficulty concentrating, headaches, and exhaustion.

Prana is the concept of “vital air” or “spirit-energy,” and if you practice yoga, you know the importance of proper breathing.

Prana is a special element of the Cosmic Prana, supplying our bodies with essential oxygen. The energy of prana flows from the nose through the throat chakra, and filling the heart chakra. From here, this life-affirming energy flows throughout the body, revitalizing every chakra.

Pranayama breathing not only fills the lungs with oxygen, but it also intakes prana, that vital spirit energy. This calms the nervous system while giving a quick boost of energy. The practice of proper breathing can help with all sorts of issues, including calming anxiety, reducing stress, alleviating depression and insomnia, improving focus, and finally, increasing self-awareness.

Are Masks Effective Against Viruses?

There is much debate over whether or not we should wear a mask to fight C0VlD-19. However, more than one scientific study over the past few years has already settled the debate. A study in 2019 found that wearing an N95 medical mask did not make a significant difference in whether or not a person caught a laboratory-confirmed flu. A similar N95 mask study conducted in 2020 found similar results.

A 2015 study of cloth face masks proved that a cloth mask not only doesn’t protect your from a virus, but it can actually put you at greater risk for infection. This is because a cloth mask fosters a damp environment around your nose and mouth, and thus, fosters the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Face masks may not be effective against a virus, but they are effective at preventing the healthy intake of oxygen and prana.

Stanford research scientist John Xu estimated that N95 masks reduce oxygen intake by anywhere from 5% to 20%. That can be significant, even for a healthy person, potentially causing dizziness. While for a healthy person, the side effects are minor and temporary. But for a severely ill person made to continuously wearing an N95 mask for many hours, lung damage can result. For a person in respiratory distress, continuously wearing an N95 mask can be life-threatening.

A 2015 study by the National Institute of Health with pregnant healthcare workers found a similar level of oxygen reduction. That study concluded that, “Breathing through N95 masks have been shown to impede gaseous exchange. Thus, imposing an additional workload on the metabolic system of pregnant healthcare workers.” And that, “The benefits of using an N95 mask to prevent serious infectious diseases should be weighed against potential respiratory consequences associated with extended N95 respirator usage.”

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