Obsidian and the Root Chakra

If you’re attracted to the dark, mysterious vibration of Obsidian, it could mean you’re in need of deep spiritual cleansing. The Obsidian crystal works hard to cleanse the emotional baggage of the past as it guards the soul. Likewise, Obsidian also protects you from your own shadow of fear, addiction, anxiety, and anger, by acting as an inner mirror.

Obsidian reminds us that we all have a good and bad aspect. Rather than hiding from our inner truth, Obsidian reveals the negativity, clearing it away. It helps us choose a path of light and love.

Obsidian Crystal Healing Properties

The healing properties of Obsidian are stabilizing and grounding, making it an excellent stone for realigning your scattered energies. Whenever you feel stressed, hold a piece of Obsidian in each hand and let it restore balance to your root chakra. This is because the energy of the root chakra anchors you to the earth. By living in the power of now, you take on the world with a renewed sense of confidence. Therefore, wear a piece of Obsidian for a constant flow of strong and resilient energy.

The Obsidian crystal has a strong, powerful grounding effect. When you feel isolated and lost, Obsidian is an excellent remedy for restoring the balance between the physical world and your spiritual self. Use the properties of Obsidian to ground yourself securely to the earth, while keeping your eyes on the Heavens above.

Moreover, its deep, transforming vibration also enhances the crystals around it; Obsidian is a magnifier of healing energy. Above all, Obsidian is a trusted companion, carry it with you while healing, it will give you the strength and patience needed to overcome challenges.

Using Obsidian Crystals

Obsidian is associated with security, protection, and shielding of negative energy. Place an Obsidian stone in your home or office, to work as an energy cleanser. Obsidian is very powerful for absorbing electromagnetic radiation; place a large piece near any electronics. Likewise, if you sleep with your smartphone near you, place an Obsidian crystal between you and your phone, to absorb any harmful EMFs. You can also place Obsidian near an entranceway, to protect your home from any negative energy coming in.

Use an Obsidian crystal stone in your daily meditation practice. Sit quietly with it for a few minutes and notice the power of the Obsidian crystal. It illuminates any negativity within your thoughts and cleanses your inner spirit. When you meditate with Obsidian, it brings out any negative emotions that you have buried deep inside. It acts to draw out and release your inner shadow, for a fast and powerful healing process. Consequently, the dark crystal leaves you feeling refreshed, and in control of your future.

When you’re out, wear Obsidian crystal jewelry to help protect you from the energy vampires around you. Its protective qualities will deflect the negative energy of needy and draining people.

Scrying with Obsidian

The mages of old used mirrors of polished, black Obsidian for scrying. Scrying is the art of remote viewing and foretelling the future. This glassy, black stone can assist you with spirit communication and may bring you the gift of prophecy.

If you have reincarnated in this lifetime to resolve a past life issue, place a piece of Obsidian over your third eye chakra, and ask about your purpose. This dark crystal may help you to discover your purpose for being here in this lifetime. By listening carefully, you may hear the answer whispered to you.

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