Meditation and the Four States of Being

Consciousness exists in different levels, with the highest is Source Consciousness, or God, and this expands outward to the realms of our soul, and down to the reality of our human experience.

The top planes are referred to as “The God Planes” while the planes directly below that are called “The Soul Planes”. This lowest levels are the “The Human Planes”.

The meditations presented here are designed to work your way through these planes, in order to reach the highest levels of consciousness.


The basis of all life as we know it is the breath. We can go for weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without breathing. Breathing is the first action we take at birth, and is the last thing we do as we leave this life. So at the very root of the human experience, and the human plane, is the breath.

Many practices, including yoga, place tremendous importance on the value of deep and whole breathing. Breath is so essential to life, that by becoming aware of exactly how you are breathing, you create a deeper connection to the higher planes, while simultaneously grounding in the present moment. this will help to establish a state of internal peace.

Try this meditative practice; keep your inhales and exhales to a minimum of 5-7 seconds, in and out, for a total of 10-14 seconds, per one full breath cycle. Try taking a few really deep breaths, timing your inhales and exhales. Be mindful to keep the inhales and exhales to the same length.

As you breath like this, observe that you are now focusing your thoughts on your breath, and also know, that as you breath deeply, you are also breathing in etheric energy. As you breath deeply, picture the breath starting at the crown of your head, and as you inhale, the energy pours into you. Feel as if you are breathing with your pineal gland, not just your lungs. Once you are sure of your ability to observe yourself breathing, you can move on to the next meditation.


As you feel your breath on each inhale and exhale, take a moment to observe your physical body. Really be in your body, in this moment. Observe the movement of your body as you breathe, notice if you feel comfortable or not, observe your sensations, and breathe into them. Next, try to exist as a single cell within your body. Your blood is composed of millions of cells, all of which have consciousness of the role it plays within your body, the same with every organ and tissue. Take a moment to observe yourself at this physical level.

Your body is the vessel in which you exist, and are able to reach out and interact with the world. This plane of consciousness is very dense and carefully structured, which builds the very fabric of the reality we can see, feel, taste, smell and touch. While you meditate on the experience of inhabiting your body, keep your eyes open, and contemplate on what you see, what you can smell, and the tastes in your mouth. Observe yourself, and observe the sensation of your deep breathing.

This plane is essential to connect to all the other planes of consciousness; this is the tangible manifestation of reality the other planes reach towards. Life is a great miracle, so in this present moment, take the time to really feel what it means to have a body. As you breath deeply, relax and know that you are the sum of your previous actions, and by changing these actions, you will change your outcomes.


As you ground yourself with deep breathing, and inhabit your physical body, take a step to the next plane of the human experience, the emotional plane. When we have strong emotions, we can really feel them physically. How are you feeling right now? As you take a moment to really look at your emotional self, you will begin to see the effect emotions can have on your body, or on your breath. Did focusing on your emotions take your attention away from your breath, or are you still breathing deeply?

All too often, we shut our emotions away, and don’t take the time necessary to objectively observe how we are feeling, without trying to fix it, or rationalizing why it is we are feeling a particular way. Just observe how you feel, no judgement, only self observation and empathy towards yourself. Emotions are one of the best tools for learning how to better understand what is, and what is not love. We are here to gain a better understanding on how to really love, so by observing how close or far we are from feeling this love, we can learn and grow emotionally.


The final state within the four human planes is the mind. As you focus on your breath, we may have thoughts such as counting up to 7 on each breath, and breathing in through our crown. As you focus on your body, you may think about what you need to do to bring more comfort, or ease pain. As you focus on your emotions, you may have thoughts that help you understand why you feel the way you do, and help you learn from even the most difficult of emotional situations.

Choose to ask yourself, “Why do I think that?”, “Do I really need to be thinking that thought?”, “Is this thought helping bring peace to myself, or others around me?” By creating this internal dialogue, you can come to a deep and profound truth, that you are not your thoughts.

If you are able to observe something, then that thing is not you. If you can observe yourself breathing, then you are not your breath. You have breath, but it is not you. If you can observe your body, then you are not your body. You have a body, but it is not you.

If you can observe your emotions, then they are not you. You will have emotions, but they don’t need to dictate how you act, they only show you the result of the human experience on the emotional plane.

If you can observe yourself thinking thoughts, then you are not your thoughts, but something beyond even your own mind. So this presents the ultimate question, “If I am not my breath, body, emotions or mind then what am I?” You are soul. Observe the observer within you, that part of you that was able to step back, and analyze your own mind. This is the higher self that came into this dimension, and chose to create a human experience, to learn and grow in an understanding of a greater love.

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