Meditation for the Third Eye

Everyone is born with a powerful spiritual tool, known as the third eye. This is the sixth chakra, called the Ajna. It is commonly considered to be the source of the sixth sense and is located within the brain, in an area between your eyebrows.

Clairvoyants have described the third eye as a ball of light, emitting rays according to the person’s level of clairvoyance. Those with a high level of clairvoyance have a third eye radiating bright, golden rays; these rays can vary in color, fluctuating between gold, silver and white.

Some have a third eye which is not open, due to blockage. The third eye chakra is connected to all other chakras, so a blockage in another chakra will cause a blockage in the Ajna. Often, the cause of a blockage is fear, and some people don’t believe that they are blessed with a sixth sense. Other people could be fearful of the images they see once they have opened their third eye, and shut it down.

Using your third eye allows you to “sense” beyond the capacities of your physical senses. This is the center of your clairvoyant insight, and through it you can see visions, auras, and other spiritual impressions, enabling you to discover newer and higher levels of consciousness. It also allows you to get in touch with other people’s auras, higher spiritual dimensions, and access your past lives.

Opening the Third Eye

To open your third eye, you must practice meditation, in an appropriate environment, such as an indoor place where you can relax, and not be distracted. Wear comfortable clothing, as it’s important for your body to feel light.

Close your eyes, and relax, by concentrating on your breathing. Breathe in a regular and relaxed pattern. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, allowing your body to fall into a deeply relaxed state. Next, concentrate on the area of your third eye, imagining a ball of light, and the ball is slowly opening. As it opens, it sends out a gentle stream of light. Let go of all of your fear and anxieties, and don’t think about what to expect; just concentrate on the light. Allow your body to fall into an even deeper state of relaxation; this will allow your third eye to open, even more, streaming a golden glow from your forehead. As this happens, you will begin to see images and visions, in the same way as your imagination or daydreaming.

Continue your meditation, and based on your own intuition, close your meditation when you are ready, but do not end it abruptly. Gradually bring yourself to the present, bringing awareness of your present environment, and of your own body. Continue to regulate your breathing, keeping it relaxed, as you slowly open your eyes.

In the beginning stage of your third eye-opening, you may only see simple images, such as colors and indistinct forms of energy. As you continue meditating, these images will become clearer.

Opening your third eye will not only allow you to see spiritual planes and beings, but you’ll also gain better control of yourself, your thoughts and your emotions. Your life will become more fruitful. People often search hard for the secret to a better life. However, what they fail to realize is, the secret to a better and happier life is within themselves.

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