How to Meditate



Warm-up; 3-5 minutes: Sit in a comfortable upright posture. One part at a time, feel your body parts from the feet to the head. Feel your feet, but in such a manner, that you don’t do it from your head down, but rather are present in the feet and let the feet feel themselves. Then proceed to the lower legs, the upper legs, and so forth. Spend as much time each place as is needed to feel the presence there. When you done the head, then feel the entire body. Notice the body is breathing by itself. Don’t interfere with the rhythm, simply observe it.

The meditation consists of three meditation methods you switch between. Use one method as long as it takes you deeper, then switch to another and do that as long as it takes you deeper; then switch to one of the other two, and so forth. Back and forth between the three main techniques, but all the time with one objective: to raise your spiritual energy (Shakti) more and more and merge with it. Drop into pure being when ever you get the chance and merge. Let go of the methods at the right time. The goal of the methods is not to do them perfectly, but to generate a state within where one can let go of the techniques and merge with the Self.

1. Body Breathing: Feel the skin all over the body while following your breath. It’s like the skin touches itself or a gentle soft touch all over. Feel on the in-breath that you expand and become larger than the body. On the out breath simply let go. You could also say that you expand on the in-breath and let go on the out-breath; feel your spiritual energy and presence intensify. On the out-breath you let go of any control and duality and merge with Shakti in and around the body. As this progresses, you will feel the body’s limits dissolve and that the feeling of Shakti becomes more tangible than the feeling of the body. Do this as long as Shakti gets stronger and you merge more and more.

2. Spine Breathing: When breathing in, feel you are breathing up the entire spine at once, pulling air from the perineum to the top of the scull. You can remember the word “shakti” as you breathe in. On the out breath imagine you are radiating energy, or love-bliss, in all directions from the brain. You can remember the word “om” as you breathe out. But these words are really not important, the important thing is to feel Shakti grow and to merge with Shakti. With a little practice the two phases will merge so that you on both the in-breath and out-breath sense the flow up the spine and the radiation from the brain. Do this as long as Shakti gets stronger and you merge more and more.

3. Inflow-Outflow (Void): Ignore the breath. Just sense love, bliss, Shakti, presence, Being, flow into you and radiate from you at the same time. This double direction can be a little tricky at first, but once you get it going, you will enter void and feel the double flow happening by itself.

Merging in Love-Bliss; surrendering to the Self: When you experience being filled with Shakti or lovebliss, or Pure Being grabs you, then let go of your methods and merge with it. This is the goal of all practices and methods, so no matter what practice you are doing, if you are on the verge of transcending I-ness and merging, then let go of the method/practice and merge in lovebliss/Pure Being/Shakti.

Ending meditation: Don’t just stop and get up when it is time to end meditation. First of all let go and see if you don’t go deeper by letting go. Spend some time like this. Then open your eyes while staying in meditation. Or open and close your eyes a few times while trying to hold the meditative state. Then meditate a while with open eyes. Notice the difference in your state now compared to when you began meditating. Remember: we don’t go out of meditation, because meditation is merging with the Self and we don’t want to go out of the Self. We take the meditation into out daily life.

This meditation is from the website about spiritual enlightenment.

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