Lion Pose: Benefits of #Pregnancy #Yoga Video

It’s a proven fact that yoga strengthens your whole body and relaxes your mind. If practiced during pregnancy, it helps reduce labor pain and increases flexibility. Prenatal yoga improves the strength and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, lowers blood pressure, and improves digestion. Certain poses are inspired by nature and wildlife. The pregnancy yoga lion pose along with the butterfly and cobra poses have numerous health benefits for pregnant women. These asanas help relieve pain, tone your muscles, and prepare your body for labor.

Also referred to as Simhasana or Bhairavasana, the pregnancy yoga lion pose relieves jaw tension and strengthens the immune system. It’s one of the best face exercises you can get. “Simha” means “lion” in Sanskrit. This pose manipulates your face and body to invoke the force and intensity of a lion’s roar. If practiced regularly, it minimizes wrinkles and heals sore throat. The lion pose will strengthen your body and make you look younger.

This asana can be safely practiced by children, seniors, and pregnant women. The pregnancy yoga lion pose has many benefits for your health. It’s a great exercise for your face muscles and neck. It’s one of the few poses that don’t require any bending or stretching of body. Like other asanas, it helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Sit up on the knees with your heels pressed against the buttocks. Cross your right ankle over your left. Place your hands on the knees, palms down. Keep your head and back straight. Breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Exhale with your tongue extending outwards. Focus on a spot between the eyebrows. Open your eyes and stretch your facial muscles. Inhale back and repeat the pose at least 10 times.

Prenatal yoga strengthens your muscles and improves posture. This form of exercise will make your pregnancy more comfortable and relieve pain. The pregnancy yoga lion pose is one of the most effective exercises for your facial muscles, and should be practiced daily.

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