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kundalini awakening

Some say that the ultimate purpose of yoga, is to facilitate the awakening of kundalini- the power of God in the human body. From a certain viewpoint, this is true, and from other perspectives it is not. So what is it and what is yoga’s relationship to it?Vedic philosophy, in particular the school of Tantra, see it as the link between the human body and cosmic Divine consciousness, responsible for creation. it is a potent seed of this force lying dormant at the base of the spinal column in every human body. According to Vedic and Tantric texts it is coiled around the base of the spinal column in three and a half spirals. Hence the ancient sages of India called it kundalini, the one coiled like a snake, and a snake has been symbolic of it ever since. it is considered manifest aspect of the Divine – the Divine Mother – ‘Shakti’ (Power or Force). She is seen as the aspect of the Divine present in and as the manifestation and that that animates ‘life’.

This awakening is a hundred percent must before one can gain enlightenment in this life.Apart from practicing the Shavasana pose in Yoga and also Neti as advocated by Maharishi Ramana… one needs to practice absolute celibacy for this type of awakening to occur.This awakening is not something which can be taught in form of books… it only comes from experience. As we proceed on the path of pure spirituality while practicing absolute celibacy and meditation… we shall find one-day that our kundalini awakening has occurred.

There are many differing ways for it to awaken and rise. Probably the rarest is when it rises directly to the crown of the head Sahasrahara chakra. For such a rising of it to take place a great deal of ‘purification’ must already have taken place, as spiritual practice in the current or other lives. Unfortunately this is often how it’s awakening is thought of, and without proper understanding seems highly desirable. More commonly the process takes many many years, and may not even complete in the same lifetime that the rising began. In such an instance the process will begin again and continue in another life, sometimes beginning as early as childhood.Ideally a person has a well-established and integrated spiritual practice prior to, and initiating kundalini awakening and rising. Even more ideally they have the guidance and protection of a Sat Guru or perfect master. If not, my advice would be to find one, and satisfy yourself that they are indeed a fully liberated being. Each individual experiences this opening in a unique way according to the karmic content of their unconscious. There are lots of common experiences, but each person moves into this awakening on a path of their own. Only a perfect master will be in a position to help guide someone with a kundalini rising.

Traditionally, it is taught that ,it’s rising (or whatever people want to call it according to their cultural background) can only be achieved through years of dedicated spiritual practice. However, since the publication of Gopi Krishna’s book ‘Kundalini’ many people have come forward to report so-called spontaneous awakenings, which were independent of intensive spiritual practice. During these spontaneous experiences often the negative and confusing it’s symptoms were much more pronounced than the rewarding aspects.

Yogic texts elaborate how the it’s piercing the different consciousness centers (chakras/cakras), can equip the practitioner with siddhis (powers) such as, clairvoyance, the ability to see the past and future, and perceive the existence of subtle planes of existence (among the least dramatic). The vivid and colorful descriptions of the siddhis can be another misguided motivator to pursue awakening the kundalini, in fact these can be quite an unhelpful diversion. When the it reaches Sahasrahara, and the entire system is ‘purified’ the human spiritual journey is complete as nothing now remains to create the illusion of separation from the Divine and True Nature. This final condition, when all vasanas, samskaras and karmas have been dissolved, is the state known as Moksha. Moksha is then the condition of complete liberation. This differs from enlightenment which begins with the end of identification with mind and reaches it’s final conclusion only with Moksha. Until Moksha is attained, the ‘enlightened’ can still become once more identified with mind, it’s vasanas, samskaras and karmas.

Gargi was that special lady who having awakened her kundalini indulged herself in the famous dialogues with Pundit Mandan Mishra on the topic of sex. Gargi finally defeated Pundit Mandan Mishra for she was a truly God realized soul. Pundit Mandan Mishra had yet to awaken his .Sage Jnanavalakya was that dominant force in the times of king Janaka that even before the contest amongst 10,000 pundits and sages gathered on stage had begun… Sage Jnanavalakya ordered the prize money to be taken home. Sage Jnanavalakya was a truly God realized soul. He had awakened fully and he knew that none in the assembly had reached his level of spiritual attainment.Maitreyi… his dutiful wife was never after the mundane affairs of life… she yearned for gaining self realization within her lifetime. She knew well that her husband could impart her pearls of wisdom gaining which she could get her awakened and finally reach the stage of enlightenment.The Gargi and the Maitreyi colleges in New Delhi, India are reminiscent of those enlightening times in the history of mankind which remind us that kundalini awakening is also possible for a woman.Summing up I need to emphasize the fact that the precious semen is required to be stored if we truly desire its awakening at the earliest. It is only when the stored semen rises through the spine to the level of the centre of the forehead… shall we gain enlightenment within this life.

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