Did you know, you and and every thing on Earth is composed of energy vibrations? #reiki

Everything in the World, inanimate or animate, concrete or ephermal, is made out of, and held together with, energy. You heard that right! The chair you are seated on, the music you’re playing, the meal you ate for dinner, and even the weeds in your yard and your neighbor’s dog… everything is composed of, and held together with, energy.

Inside this energy field, atomic particles of matter vibrate at very certain frequencies and densities, which in turn, manifest into many nonphysical and physical forms. Sound and light, physical things, animals and plants, and even our thoughts and dreams are infused with, formed by, and projected into your reality by Energy.

Our bodies have a slower, denser vibration, while our thoughts and feelings have a faster and higher vibration. The slower the vibration, the more dense and solid the manifestation appears, and, the higher the vibration, the more ethereal, such as ourthoughts and emotions, which are like in density to light and sound.

Our physical bodies are permeated with, and held together by, energy. Our bodies will be inclined to resonate in kind with the energy of our emotions and thoughts; in this way, our physical bodies are formed and influenced by by our thoughts and emotions. Our physical bodies will also vibrate with the energies around us, and also, attract people resonating at a similar frequency. That’s why “Like Attracts Like”.

How can we increase what we attract, and attract events and people into our lives that will help to elevate us? We can advance our personal energy by raising our thoughts and emotions. It’s easy, if we can learn to regulate our thoughts and feelings, it will manifest elevated unique energy. Higher energy will tap us into the energy of the Universe, manifesting what we want, by manifesting our desires… but you probably have already tried to “control” your emotions and thoughts, and realized how far that sort of “control” works…. “attempting to control” is certainly a certain recipe for failure.

A superior choice than “trying to control” is to “let go of” the lower, negative vibration thoughts and feelings, by recognizing them, and allowing them to flow out you. Don’t hold onto negative thoughts and feelings; the longer you concentrated on the negative thoughts, the more likely you will “make permanent” those neural pathways within your body and brain into a habitual energy.

A viable shortcut to enlightening your own resonent energy is to expose your body and mind directly to a positive resonant energy through the use of sound therapy. Sound is a basic and uniting energy, and utilized with care, sound healing will positively effect your individual vibration very quickly, and very easily.

A very easy and direct method to raise your energy in a positive way is with the use of binaural beat sound healing. Binaural beats unify the two hemispheres of the brain, with the use of different sounds into each ear, encouraging the brain to find a balance; for instance, if the sound frequency in your left ear is 130 Hz, and the frequency you’re hearing in your right ear is 120 Hz, your brain will create a binaural beat of 10 Hz. The brain becomes entrained, meaning it begins to resonate at the same vibratory frequency as the binaural beat, altering the brainwave patterns temporarily. This has a meaningful effect; it’s been demonstrated that binaural beats are very effective at producing deeply meditative and hypnotic mind states. This is a break through for people who want to learn how to mediatate, but don’t have the teacher, money or time. Binaural beat meditation may eliminate tension, calm negative thoughts and feelings, inducing a sense of inner peace, and it will bolster your intuitive and creative abilities, and release your inate intelligence. A skilled Sound Therapist can further customize the vibrations of the sound to put you in tune with the more ephemeral vibration of happiness, success, and much more.

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