iPhone and iPad Users Please Read.

Look for and use this button if you have an Apple device.

iPad and iPhone users, unfortunately, Apple software will block you from downloading any MP3 outside of their iTunes store onto your handheld Apple device.

Fortunately, we have all of our MP3 titles listed on iTunes, so you can still reap the benefits of Chakra Healing and Balancing Sound! Just use the links on each page to be redirected to the Chakra Healing Sound titles on the iTunes website.

 You have two options for purchase:

1. Use the iTunes links, to purchase the MP3 on the iTunes website.

2. Use our Pay Pal shopping cart, then download the MP3 onto a laptop or desktop computer, then transfer it to your Apple device.

Please note, the download links from our Pay Pal shopping cart are not designed for streaming. You may be able to stream a few times, but the links will eventually fail, and disappear. It is designed to download, not stream. Please use the iTunes links.


Look for the iTunes links on each title page, and use those instead of the Pay Pal or Bitcoin buttons.

You can also try a 3rd party downloader app; launch the App Store from your Apple device. Search for “MP3 downloader,” a good one is, “Free MP3 Downloader” by Harrison Apps.

Review and follow the instructions on the app, sign into the download center, and use the app to download your MP3.

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