Five Indications That Your Third Eye is Open

third eye chakra

For millenia, throughout many ancient wisdom religions and traditions, the Third Eye has been seen as a spiritual guide, a signal, representing our capacity to conquer our everyday life’s challenges, by tapping into our innate inner wisdom and higher self.

In many Eastern traditions, the Third Eye is perceived as something that anyone with a strong sense of self can access, if they have a deep sense of mindfulness and meditate regularly; when we meditate with regularity, the Third Eye opens, and your inner guidance grows stronger, and takes the lead as a guiding force in your life. The Third Eye is not only the connection between our inner and higher selves, it is the connection between our spirit and our body.

Below are 5 signs your Third eye is Open:

1. Light Sensitivity.

With the opening of the Third Eye, you may be more sensitive to light, and you may see color more vividly. Your awareness of light and vivid colors may begin subtly, and not perceived as an instantly obvious shift in percption. This sensitivity to light and color may bring a deeper awareness of what is happening around you.

Your eyes and their perception may change over time, and you might feel like you crave sunlight, and sunlight on your skin. This can be a good thing, just make sure you are not harming your skin with too much sun.

2. A Sense of Gradual & Continual Change in Life.

A healthy opening of the Third Eye gradually will change your perspective of life, resulting in the beneficial changes because we want for ourselves. You can often see these changes in the way you treat others, as you become less selfish, and more tolerant.

3. A Dull Sense of Pressure or Heat Between the Eyebrows.

As the Third Eye begins to open at a deeper level, there can be a related physical feeling between eyebrows. It may feel like someone has lightly touched you, or you may feel a warmth. These sensations might be felt, whether or not you have spiritual feelings. It is a sign to pull back, and take a look at the situation with your spiritual eyes.

4. Headaches.

You may develop headache pressure, between the eyebrows. Consider this temporary situation as an energy overload. Headache pressure could be a sign of the Third Eye opening, particularly if it is felt in the center of the forehead. The best advice to try and ease any uncomfortable pressure, is to lay down, and practice deep relaxation, or go outside in nature, and practice a walking meditation.

5. Increasing Intuition.

The most profound sign of Third Eye opening is an increase in intuition. Intuition is the ability to know something will happen before it does, or knowing something is right or wrong, because of a feeling or sense. You might have warning intuitions; don’t deny your intuition, use it! It might not always be 100% right, but it most surely will put us on the right path.

Tips to Open The Third Eye

When your Third Eye is opening, you will begin to have, in your mind, body to soul communications, with the focused goal of understanding your place in the Universe. You will experience states of deep mindfulness, enabling you to visualize the life you want to manifest, taking focused action to live up to your full potential. Your intuition, understanding and memory will improve. You can help foster a strong this growth by activating your Third Eye by doing these simple things:

  • Avoid sugar, meat, dairy and artificial foods as much as possible.
  • Drink more water.
  • Meditate in nature, sitting on grass, sand or soil.
  • Be mindful of your senses.
  • Take nature walks for at least 1/2 an hour a day.
  • Use the colors purple and deep blue.
  • Release limiting beliefs.
  • Practice art therapy, sound healing, and visualization

  • Isochronic Tone Meditation to Assist in Pineal Gland and Third Eye Chakra Opening

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