Increase Self Awareness And Health Through #Yoga and #Meditation


Self-awareness as an attitude and practice is encouraged by modern psychotherapists, healers, and various others in the human potential development field. It is fundamental for enhancing physical and psychological health and wellness, as well as finding happiness and meaning in life. Though challenging, discover how through yoga folks can enhance self-knowledge, aside from optimum physical, mental and spiritual health.

Cultivating self-insight is not easy. Learning about one’s weaknesses and seemingly insurmountable fears make many folks reluctant to pursue it. However, individuals that persist realize the advantages outweigh the negatives. Life becomes fuller, richer, more meaningful and worthwhile when taking on the challenges it offers. The sense of freedom and creativity one discovers invokes excitement and empathy for others as well.

Most western forms of self-exploration mainly involve talk therapy, engaging the personality and mental operations. In contrast, yoga and related practices engages body movements and postures that awaken students to physical sensations normally outside the realm of consciousness. These offer direct experiences of emotions and physical conditions that aren’t obscured by words and thoughts.

Developing this kind of awareness through these disciplines promotes both physical and psychological health. Subtle, yet exhilarating and surprising discoveries about the inner and outer body develops over time, thereby increasing the sense of mystery about life and the human body in particular. On a more practical level, the growing quality and strength of the practitioner’s consciousness helps with faster recovery from infections and injuries.

Physical and emotional healing takes place through regular practice of the various postures practitioners perform. The stretches and poses gently turn, twist and wrap the muscles around the bones. Through these movements, the internal organs receive gentle massages, stimulating and releasing energy and promoting health. In the process, folks discover more about the silent secret life of the body usually buried beneath the noise of ongoing inner and outer mental chatter.

Learning about the power of proper breathing is another benefit practitioners get from regular exercise. The extraordinary positive health advantages from various breathing techniques to create instant alertness and sharp focus is an aspect of the discipline that appeals to everyone. This also promotes a growing realization of the power of the body and mind to achieve great feats when looked after with care and attention.

Many practitioners begin to value the growing awareness of focusing on the present moment as one goes about performing routine exercises. The sensations and feelings that arise are often so compelling and novel the mind forgets about the past or future where it habitually dwells. This in turn promotes mindful awareness, which is not only good for mental clarity and focus, but also a great stress reliever and promoter of greater ease and relaxation.

Through taking up yoga folks will learn to develop awareness and respect for the self and wisdom of the body. It has additional positive spinoffs, like becoming increasingly sensitive and respectful of other people’s feelings. Becoming the owner of a calmer, healthier body and mind benefits physical, emotional and spiritual wellness beyond the initial expectations of students.

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