The Impact Of #Yoga Culture


Yoga plays a major role in shaping the lives of those who indulge in it. Culture is a generally accepted way of living and doing things that are subscribed to by a group of people or a society as right. Yoga culture keeps attracting a larger following as more people realize its significance. It works through connecting the mind and the body into one element. Controlling the nervous system and ensures it works properly. The nerve system influences how the body reacts to some diseases like stroke.

Yoga History and Practice

The history of this way of life goes way back. It started in India and was popularized by Buddhism and Jainism around five thousand years ago. It stands on three pillars, the first being good exercise, controlled breathing and a way of meditation. This old-time practice is normally transmitted in the guru chela tradition. There is a teacher known as a guru who passes knowledge and understanding to a student known as chela.

It is of the essence to note that it is not a Religion. This is more of a philosophy and belief. That is a school of thought that some people subscribe to. It is also a kind of physical practice. This way of life instills discipline to free the person from any desires of the body. The practice increases the life expectancy as it teaches the body to heal and repair itself.

When the Body is Still, the Soul Can Speak

It goes by a phrase that says when the body is still that is when the soul gets room to speak. From this, the person learns how to focus on their important mission, control their strong desires, and reach the highest form of self-actualization that gives meaning to life.

Commonly recommended in the treatment of diseases. It helps to get rid of stress, reduce pain caused by some kinds of cancer, eliminate depression, eliminate sleep disorders, reduce fatigue, reduce addictions to drugs and bad habits. In total it helps to promote self-healing.

In the twenty-first century, more people have realized the benefits of being physically fit. This practice enables the body to maintain an upright posture. Average weight and a good respiratory system as it exercises the lungs. Due to these reasons, it is taken up as a sport.

Different Schools, One Goal

This practice has different schools that have a specific goal. Most of them have separated the human form into three with five important aspects. The epic center is the spinal cord and the diaphragm, this is where the person draws up energy. Jainism is a school that enables the person to control his thoughts and thus focus on nothing else but the soul.

Buddhism is also widely practiced. It allows the person to attain knowledge through concentration and insight. Hinduism tries to reach a state of isolation from the mind and any form of feelings or emotions. Hinduism contains tantra and Hatha. Shaivism is a kind of yoga that is not used as a separation tool like the others but as a tool that brings together the individual with the important matter of the world, that is the universe. All people can take up the practice but some forms are not suitable for pregnant women and children.

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