The Human Atmosphere: A Technique To Physically See & Read The Aura For Health Diagnosis

Walter J. Kilner pioneered a method that easily allows anyone to physically see the aura, with the unaided eye.

This method does not involve any psychic ability or meditation, but uses filters that can be home made to look through and see the aura. Mr. Kilner also pioneered the use of aura reading to diagnose disease: this book is filled with ground breaking case studies, demonstrating how physical dis-ease can effect the flow of bodily energy, and thus be detected in the aura. Walter Kilner also performed unique experiments, which the reader can try themselves, manipulating the aura with magnets and electrical fields.

For anyone seriously interested in studying the aura, and using its energy to heal, this book is a worthy and essential addition to your library. Click here to look inside the book, and start reading.

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