Four Ways to Monitor Your Vibration

aura and high vibration

Your aura is the source of your spiritual vibration. Likewise, your aura and your physical body are intimately connected. In fact, every living creature on the planet has auric energy that is likewise impacted by your vibration, and visa-Versa. Maintaining a high vibration is good for you, as well as everything and everyone around you.

A healthy aura and vibration can be evaluated in four easy ways. Being self-aware is the first step in understanding where you are, vibration-wise. Taking responsibility for yourself is the next step.

Be aware of your surroundings.

What is going on around you? Is anyone angry around you? Are the skies dark and gloomy? Or is it a nice day filled with happy people? Have any new doors opened for you today? Your vibration will manifest your reality. If there are more problems than good, it is likely you have a low vibration and weak aura. If everything is good and happy, your vibration is high and your aura is bright.

Watch for repeating numbers.

Have you seen 11:11, 12:12 or any series of repeating numbers on the clock? Do you notice333, 666, or 999 often? Is seeing these numbers a regular occurrence? These reoccurring number sequences are sometimes called Angel Numbers. Repeating numbers gifted by the Universe and your Guardian Angels is a sign that your vibration is high.

Track your emotions.

Check-in with your emotional self throughout the day. Are you feeling tired? Sad? Angry? Sick? Or healthy, happy and full of love? You can write down your observations in a journal and compare your notes for different times of the day or week.

Track your thoughts.

Positive thoughts always mean higher vibration and more positive energy. On the other hand, negative thoughts naturally lower your vibration. Consequently, when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, quickly change it. Remember, your vibration manifests your reality.

Track your body.

Do you feel physically strong or weak? Likewise, have you been sick or had little accidents a lot lately? A low vibration can manifest physically as accidents and poor health. On the other hand, feeling good means you’re aura and vibration are pretty neutral. However, feeling fantastic means you are at a high vibration.

A strong aura and high vibration benefit your life and health on every level. Likewise, living a high vibration life attracts abundance and positive experiences to you like a magnet.

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