Hatha Yoga: What’s Right for Beginners #yoga


Yoga is such a popular form of exercise today. But have you known that yoga also comes in a number of types? So if you’re planning to enroll in one, it is best that you first try hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga is actually the physical division of yoga that makes an individual experience the outcomes of this exercise. [youtube:00ZcpdTb1PA;[link:Hatha Yoga];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00ZcpdTb1PA&feature=related]

The word Hatha is from of the words “ha” which means sun or masculine energy and “tha” which pertains to the moon or feminine principal, and both of which reside one’s body. Hatha yoga also includes a system that endorses an awareness of the top principles of movement through employing marmasthana, vayus and nadi. All these are translated into action before really fully engrossing one’s self in hatha yoga poses. This is due to the fact that doing hatha yoga isn’t a race. If one treats this as a race, the result could mean detriment to one’s health.

When one is already done with the system, one of three hatha yoga preludes will be carried out. One of these preludes is the balakrama or stepping to strength which is focused on fortifying the stamina, soothing the joints and tensing the bones. What follows is the chaya yoddha sancalanam or otherwise known as the shadow warrior.

Performed in this prelude are forward bending actions and the transfer of focus towards the self. Finally, there is kertikkeya mandalam or circling shadow; the most sophisticated of all since it uses spiralling and twisting to free oneself from stress. In here, the breath of the person is longer and the actions of the arms and legs become more sophisticated. After the preludes, the surya namaskara is performed.

Basically, a hatha yoga class includes stretching coupled with simple breathing exercises and seated meditation. A lot of people do hatha and experience a serene feeling; others think that it is too sluggish and serious. If you are part of the group that adores the hatha, then why not try getting yoga classes in London? You will find a yoga center in London that will teach you this type of yoga, taught by a hatha yoga teacher. These hatha yoga classes in London are an amazing way for you to exercise and to be healthy!

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