Guided Chakra Meditation Lesson 5

Meditation - 7 ChakrasSettle in, take a deep breath, and relax into your body. Notice the base of your spine, and send a hello to your 1st chakra. Notice the center of the planet, and send a hello to it. Then create a grounding cord, and connect these two points with a grounding cord.

Now bring your attention behind your eyes, into the center of your head. Notice your space, notice your body, notice your grounding.

Create your favorite separation image, and set it out in front of you, right at the edge of your aura. This allows you to separate from the energy around you, and go within.

Take a deep breath, and be aware of yourself in the center of your head. Then notice your feet. Right in the arch of each foot are your feet chakras. Say hello to your feet chakras, and allow them to open up.

Now, send a hello into the center of the planet, and look deep within the planet for some Earth energy. It might be a color, an image, a vast underground lake, or a great, glowing underground pool of lava.

Bring that Earth energy up, like a line of energy, coming up through the planet. Allow your feet chakras to draw this energy up, let it flow through your legs, and imagine the Earth energy flowing up through your legs to the 1st chakra. When the energy reaches the 1st chakra, allow it to fall back down your grounding cord. Notice what happens to your body when you run Earth energy.

Take a deep breath, notice yourself in the center of your head, and notice that the Earth energy keeps on flowing- once it starts, it automatically keeps flowing, like a siphon.

Next, notice the top of your head, your crown chakra. Say hello to your crown chakra, and imagine opening it up. Send a hello out to the Universe, go way out, past the atmosphere, past the planet, beyond the Solar System, way out into space. Now, find an energy you’d like to bring in. Start to call that energy down to the top of your head, right into the back part of your crown chakra. Allow that energy to flow down your back channels, on either side of your spine, into the 1st chakra. There are four back channels, two on either side of the spine.

Allow the Earth energy and the Cosmic energy to mix within the 1st chakra, and then let it flow back up through the front channels. There are two front channels, one on either side of the spine. As it flows through your body, it cleans out and energizes all your chakras.

When it reaches your 5th chakra at your throat, allow some energy to flow down your arms, and out through your fingers.

The rest of the energy will flow up through your crown chakra, and fountain out of your head, into your aura.

Take a deep breath, be aware of yourself in the center of your head, and notice what it feels like to run energy.

Allow the energy to flow as long as you like. When you are ready, create a golden sun of your own energy above your head. Call back all your energy, and collect it up into a bright, hot golden sun. Then let it flow through your head, filling up your entire body.

As you master the technique, try running different colors of Cosmic energy through your aura. You can use the colors related to the chakras, or any other color that comes to mind. See how running blue, green, yellow, pink, red, violet or blue makes you feel. If a particular color makes you feel good, go ahead and run it!

We hope you have enjoyed this Meditation Session, and will reap the benefits!

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