Foster Positive Energy for Richness of Life

The majority of us who study meditation have learned that a constant flow of Prana (vital air or vital energy), can be absorbed in, and through, nature.

Although the energy is different, this same Prana can be found where people get together for a common good or goal, such as when people gather to pray and meditate. You often feel it at a temple, shrine, church, ashram or mosque. This is when believers combine their faith for the the benefit of mankind, when the energy can be used to help mankind evolve.

You can visualize this positive energy going out, by everyday acts of good will, throughout your existance. But this is not to say, you open yourself to be mistreated, you can be kind to anyone who comes into your life, without becoming a victim. You have contact with a limited number of individuals who you see everyday, so why not make every one harmonious and positive?

First, you have to understand that you have infinite potential, and it’s source is within. You also have infinite potential from from the Divine, when you practice meditation and prayer, on an everyday basis. Meditation and prayer will positively fill you, and you may contribute to the good of others as a result. This in turn, grows good Karma.

These habits will expand vital energy around you.

    1. Make it a point to awaken in the morning with exuberance and greet to everyone you come into contact with.
    1. Don’t criticize your family members, coworkers, and friends.
    1. Be diplomatic first, before offering any advice.
    1. Let your family know that you love them often.
    1. Speak with sincerity, and treat everyone with respect.
    1. Create goals whether you think they are possible or not. The possible result might be that your positive energy may attract positively charged personalities, with the same dreams.

    Why should you become eternally optimistic?

    Every one of us has a choice. You can fall down, and you can choose to pick yourself up, or you can play the victim. You can not place the blame on life’s difficulties, but should find solutions to get over, around, under, or through them. Concentrate on your past achievements, and learn to be content with yourself. Everyone fails, at some point, but we should constructively learn from our past experience. Your individual approach to life’s daily obstacles, is the path to failure or success. Thus, success is a matter of choice.

    Building Positive Energy

    In relationship to what most individuals perceive as a possibility, success is universal. When early humans first discovered fire, could they imagine the idea of a metal forge? When modern humans discovered the forge, could they conceive of skyscrapers? Start thinking big (or at least, bigger) and don’t sell yourself short. The human soul was made in the image of the Creator, and as such, you were made for something big, but that does not necessarily mean “fame and fortune”; you were meant to expand your Consciousness, and your Heart, beyond such petty concerns. As we meditate, we learn this, and whether our means are wealthy or modest, when filled with LIFE, they will be rich beyond belief!


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