Get Fit With #Ashtanga Yoga

ashtanga yoga

Many people use Yoga as part of their exercise routine. It is a very old fitness program, which takes into account both the health of the mind and the body. With Ashtanga yoga, the postures or asanas as they are known, are performed in a set order through a number of different levels. If you think you would enjoy Ashtanga Yoga Las Vegas has some of the best studios, with highly skilled coaches.

Most studios provide classes with instructors, who guide the students through the correct sequence of poses, starting with the primary or first series. This is the most important series as it forms the cornerstone of the complete system. Through time, students will advance to the higher levels, however the objective of this process isn’t to learn the hardest asanas, but instead to learn to help keep mentally focused during the training.

Every students begins learning the primary series, often referred to as Chikitsa, which means therapy. The main purpose is to enhance the body’s natural flexibility, whilst also building up strength and stamina. The first series consists of over 70 poses, starting with sun salutations, but also includes moves such as upright poses, and inversions, and finally ends with the savasana.

As soon as students can recognise the sequence associated with the poses, they can, if they wish work by themselves. This allows the students to practice at their own pace, but still with other people, and also with the support and advice of the teacher, if required. However, each pose needs to be mastered, before they can attempt a new one.

In this form of yoga, the student will learn how to breath correctly, which should be in alignment with the poses. This should be practised throughout the whole of the session, with the steady cycle of inhales and exhales providing a calm mental focus point. Additionally, due to the increased oxygen intake, blood circulation around the body is improved, which subsequently can have a detoxing effect on the body.

As with many of the disciplines originating from Asian countries, the mind and body are considered to be closely interlinked. That is why this kind of workout has long been applied as a relaxation technique, in addition to being an exercise program. Once the movements and breathing sequences are mastered, vast reductions in stress levels may be experienced by students.

If this fitness program is practised on a regular basis, improvements in general health often occur. It may also specifically help with the problem of stiffness in joints, conditions related to the digestive system, and also assist in reducing blood pressure levels. Combined with a more peaceful state of mind, it enable many students to enjoy a better quality of life.

The need for high standard classes continues to increase, as more people become interested in this style of yoga. It provides a complete way to achieve fitness in both the mind and body. For anyone who is interested in Ashtanga Yoga Las Vegas has some excellent studios, and information about their location can be found on the internet.

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