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The kids are out of control, your job is a hassle and to top it all off, you have no time for yourself. If anyone told you that you could reach a state of physical and emotional bliss, you would say they were frenzied. But believe it or not, you can beat the blues with yoga!
Yoga is a great mood enhancer that requires no drugs or medications. Like all forms of exercise, yoga releases hormones that help ease feelings of stress that often lead to the blahs, blues, or outright depression. Being active keeps your mind away from negative thoughts, and allows you to gain a greater and clearer perspective on the problems you are facing. People who are depressed, or simply feeling “down”, often lack the motivation to exercise. That’s why yoga can be such a great option. It takes far less effort to complete yoga routine as it takes to out to a video or drive to the gym.

A word of warning; if you suffer from more than just the occasional bout of the blues, and feel down for more than two weeks at a time, you should seek professional advice. A doctor or therapist may feel that you need a combination of medication or therapy with exercise.

When you are feeling depressed, it’s hard to think favorably. Those who are frustrated often lack the focus to detach themselves from their feelings. Yoga is a “moving meditation”, so it is less difficult to take your mind out from harmful thoughts. Our important inner nature can be blocked by negative thoughts. Apathy, despair, doubt, hopelessness and sleeping too much or too little are all signs of depressive disorders that must be resolved. Yoga is created to enable you to get closer to your inner truth, normally helping with some of the signs and symptoms of depression. With a concentration on balance, yoga will help to restore mental stability.

Additionally, remember that there is a distinct connection between mind, body and spirit that implies people can beat the blues with yoga. No other form of exercise alone can achieve these same benefits. Specific Asana yoga postures can sway your mood and help to relieve depression, although Asana can cure depressive disorder altogether. Asana postures can help boost low energy levels and relieve problems. They are also beneficial in opening lung capacity allowing more oxygen to succeed in all parts of your body, and even your mood. Ask your yoga trainer to guide you master the postures that may balance your moods.

It is also possible to defeat the blues with yoga because of the soothing effects yoga has on the nervous system. Correct breathing techniques are essential elements to exercising yoga, because these can help curb your anxiety and quiet your thoughts, enabling you to concentrate on positive rather than negative energies. As you discover more about yoga, you will come to recognize the connection between your mind and your emotions, and you will find that they can help each other.

When you think you could be enduring with severe depression, seek out professional advice. Yoga is a drug-free choice that can be securely practiced in combination with any medication or treatments your doctor orders. Some yoga routines are especially designed to minimize depression and tutored by trainers who have been substantially trained to grasp the most therapeutic poses.

Even carrying out the most basic yoga workouts can help raise your spirits. Without physically challenging like different forms of exercise, yoga will make you feel far better at the end of a session. Check it out and you will find that you can defeat the blues with yoga!

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