It’s All About Energy – Tune Your Vibrations With Sound

sound healing

Did you know, you and everyone else is made up of energy vibrations?

Everything within the Universe, animated or unanimated, solid matter and mere thought, is made up of and held together with energy. Yes, it’s true. The chair you are sitting in, the music you are listening to, the food you ate, and even your neighbor’s cat… everything is essentially made of and held together with energy.

Within this energy, very small particles of matter vibrate at specific frequencies. These, in turn, manifest into different physical and nonphysical forms. Physical objects, sound and light, and even our thoughts and dreams are permeated with, formed by, and projected out into reality by Energy.

Our physical bodies have a slower vibration, while our emotions and thoughts have a higher and faster vibration. Therefore, the slower the vibration, the more dense and solid the matter appears. Likewise, the higher the vibration, the less solid. This is the case of our thoughts and feelings (which are similar in density to sound and light).

Our bodies (which are permeated with and held together by energy) tend to resonate with the sympathetic vibration of our feelings and thoughts. Thus, our physical bodies are actually influenced by and even formed by our thoughts and emotions. Our bodies will also pick up on the energies that are around us, and also, attract people “resonating” at a similar frequency. That is the reason behind the idea “Like Attracts Like”.

Influencing Our Energy to Attract Good

So how can we elevate what our bodies attract, and attract people and events that will help to advance us? First, we can elevate our vibrations by elevating our thoughts and emotions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? If we can learn to control our thoughts and emotions, it will create higher vibrations. These higher vibrations will allow us to tap into the vibrations of the Universe to bring about all that we want by manifesting our desires. But you probably have already tried to “control” your thoughts and emotions, and know that kind of “control” is difficult.

Exposing your mind and body directly to a positive resonant frequency through the use of sound therapy can be a short cut to changing your own resonant frequency. Think about it; sound is a fundamental and uniting resonant energy. When used correctly, sound can directly and positively affect your own resonate frequency very quickly and easily.

Sound Healing Meditation MP3s on CD Baby

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