The Emotions and Stuck Energy

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A clear chakra will spin like a vortex of energy, radiating life force to every nook and cranny of your body. A clogged chakra can’t spin properly. You can feel it, like a fearful, anxious knot. When “energy”, also known as qi or prana, gets stuck in one of the chakras, it is often because the subconscious mind has stored away some fear, regret, guilt, hatred, animosity, sadness, or other pain, and it becomes lodged within the energy body. Dis-ease is really just the accumulated emotions we hide away in the energy centers of our bodies.

Is it time to clear out your Chakras, your energy body, is it time for a fresh outlook on life, a renewed sense of life? The Chakras respond to certain healing sounds, vibrating in resonance. This resonance can refresh and recharge the Chakras, “resetting” them to the proper vibration. will help you restore your life force and get those chakras spinning again.

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