Electromagnetic Pollution, the Schumann Resonance and You

EMF Schumann Resonance
Our brain waves are attuned to the frequencies of 7.83 Hz. The Schumann resonance, or Earth resonance, are signals that pulsate between our Earth’s crust, and ionosphere. The ionosphere is the outmost layer of our atmosphere. In other words, a pulse vibrates around the Earth and through the atmosphere. Life has always been immersed in this frequency, it has evolved to be in tune with it. The research confirmed a relationship to human health and well-being, and even to our extrasensory perception. The Earth’s naturally occurring electromagnetic frequencies have governed the evolution of human brain wave frequencies.

The Correlation Between Human Health and the Schumann Resonance

Lewis B. Hainsworth, MA, was one of the first to make a correlation between human health with the Schumann Resonance. His research identified the frequency of human brain wave activities and found that a calm, meditative and creative state roughly corresponded with the Schumann Resonance. Hainsworth came to the conclusion that human brain waves evolved in response to these signals, particularly Alpha brain waves.

If Hainsworth’s hypothesis is correct, variations in these patterns could produce potentially disastrous health changes, physical, mental and emotional. Certain electrical fields have been linked with abnormal cell growth, and a decrease in immunity. Abnormal electrical fields are suspected in the drastic rise in mental health issues; antisocial behavior, psychosomatic and neurological conditions. Biological processes are a function of our personal electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields store patterns of information. They are the connection between the third-dimensional world of physical form, and the fourth-dimensional patterns of thought, emotion, and spirit. The bridge connecting planetary resonances and brain frequencies exists in our human DNA, which evolved in the Earth’s resonant environment.

The electromagnetic field around the Earth can be viewed as a conductor. When our bodies vibrate and move, this is transmitted through the environment. Likewise, movements and vibrations within the environment are also transmitted through us. The Schumann resonance forms a natural feedback loop with the planet and the human mind and body. A “tuned system” consists of at least two oscillators, vibrating at identical resonant frequencies. It becomes apparent in deep meditation when the brain waves are predominantly in the alpha and theta ranges, 7.83 Hz, that resonance is possible between humans and the planet. Information and energy embedded in the fields are transferred. This facilitates communication between the planet and with the meditator, in a primal language of frequencies.

Technology and Human Evolution

Hainsworth demonstrated the influence of naturally occurring Schumann’s resonance on brainwave evolution. He concluded that electromagnetic fields could produce an evolutionary change. Thus, it’s possible the electromagnetic fields produced by modern technology could be sources of artificial evolutionary change. Technology not only will change but is currently changing, human evolution. Only as long as the values of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields remain about the same, do these frequencies hold their value. The Earth’s resonance varies slightly, due to ionospheric response to solar activity.  However, projects such as HAARP, which heat up and blast out the ionosphere, pose a potential threat of catastrophic proportions. They artificially upset the interactive system between the planet and all the life it supports.

In our modern technological society, our homes are not only filled with electronic equipment but also encased in a web of electrical wiring. All of this can produce unhealthy electromagnetic fields; these can disrupt sleep, cause mood changes, and affect the integrity of our bodies. We live in a time unprecedented in history; it’s a time when man-made electromagnetic frequencies are rampant, drowning out the natural resonances with which we humans, and all life on Earth, have evolved in tune with. Scientists estimate that our exposure to Electromagnetic Fields is 100 million times higher than it was 100 years ago.

Electromagnetic fields have been present since time began; the Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequency is 7.83 Hz. Man-made electromagnetic frequencies resonate at an unnatural rhythm.

The three main types of man-made EMFs are

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
Extremely Low-Frequency fields (ELF)
Radio Frequency Radiation (RF).

Common sources of EMR/ELF/RF are:

Power lines & power stations
Broadcasting antennas & cell phone towers
Cell phones & cordless phones
Electrical appliances
AM/FM radios & MP3 players
Personal computers
ebook readers & tablets
Microwave ovens
Florescent lights
TVs and video games

These are the ordinary, visible things in our modern lives, sources of potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation. To a degree, these can be managed and reduced. Reduce the number of items in your home that emit harmful levels of electromagnetic resonance. Also, reduce the time you spend with these items. You can go as “low tech” in your personal life as reasonable, taking into account your need for technology to earn a living. Also, avoid living near high power lines and power stations, as well as choosing not to live near cell towers.

Unavoidable Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation

There are other, more pervasive frequencies that can not be avoided, especially if you must live in a city. Cell phones, TV and radio waves flow throughout the environment, unseen, unregulated, and disruptive to human biology and psyche. Cell phones depend on being “in range” of a tower, which could be 50 miles away. If you are getting “bars”, then your body is receiving the cell tower’s electromagnetic radiation right along with your phone.

To understand how damaging cell phone electromagnetic radiation is, consider the Earth resonance of 7.83 Hz. Let’s round that up to 10 hertz. 100 hertz equal to 1 kilohertz. 100 kilohertz equal to 1 megahertz. The average frequency emitted by cell phone signals is an average of 1900 megahertz, and up to 2500 megahertz. As long as we are getting bars on a cell phone, we are being saturated with many thousands of times the electromagnetic field than our bodies evolved with. These affect our thoughts, emotions and the physical well being of our bodies.

The Hazards of HAARP

Even more alarming, is H.A.A.R.P; The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, situated in Alaska, as well as other locations, worldwide. HAARP is essentially an ionospheric heater, that can warm up a 1000 square kilometer area of the ionosphere to over 50,000 degrees. The purpose of this project is purportedly weather modification. Aside from being used for weather modification, many believe that HAARP’s electromagnetic waves are being used to alter the Schumann resonance. Consequently, this is disrupting the natural frequencies of the human energy field.

When you look at where HAARP locations are on a map and compare them to key ley lines on the planet, it will make you think twice about how your energy could be manipulated. Though controversial, many believe that US military technology and HAARP, in conjunction with cell towers, is used as a mind-control device. In fact, since the advent of modern electronic and communication technology, the Earth’s magnetic frequency has been steadily increasing; is it possible, that this increase is due to man-made manipulation?

Counteracting Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

Though we are bombarded with negative electromagnetic pollution, we can manage, or even change, our energetic signature. You are indeed living in a sea of energy, but you also have the ability to change its current. It takes only a few moments of peaceful contemplation; a smile is given to a neighbor, positive affirmations, or listening to sound healing tones and binaural beat music every day.

Binaural beats are a brain balancing, sound therapy technique, utilizing headphones. By playing slightly different tones into each ear through headphones, the brainwave patterns can be gently manipulated. This creates a state of deep meditation and whole-brain balance. In less than 1/2 an hour, you may achieve the same level of meditation that otherwise might take weeks, months, or even years. These binaural beats can be attuned to the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz, thus, rebalancing your brainwaves to the natural rhythm of the Earth. In turn, the natural vibrations felt within the brain flow throughout the nervous system, and throughout the body, creating a feeling of deep relaxation. This is a reconnection to the natural rhythm of the planet Earth.

We live in a time of amazing technological evolution, some of it is good, and some of it, not so good. Finding ways to maintain the physical, mental and emotional balance of the natural world, might make the stresses of your modern life easier to cope with. It counteracts the artificial electronic assault we are bombarded with every day.

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