Earth Resonance for Christ Consciousness Meditation

Earth Resonance for Christ Consciousness Meditation

“There’s music in all things, if men had ears. Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.” ~Lord Byron

Sound frequencies can be used to entrain the mind; this means your consciousness will start to resonate at the same frequencies as the sound. These two 40 minute MP3s use sound healing bringing your brain down to a deep meditative level, even if you have not been trained in meditation. If you are experienced at meditation, these MP3s can help to deepen the experience. These MP3s use what is known as the Earth, or Schumann resonance. These sound frequencies also resonate within the structures of the Pyramids and are reputed to be the frequency of Christ Consciousness. You can achieve a deeply relaxed state of bliss, balanced and resonating with the heartbeat of the Earth.

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*If you open in iTunes and it says, “Not available”, make sure to set your iTunes to “Store” not “Browse” and click again.*

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