What Distance Healing Is About #reiki

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Healing is something that can be facilitated using different methods. Common methods would include making use of medications, surgical intervention, physical therapy, and other kinds of therapies. Another method would be by doing distance healing. In this method, you are sending good energy towards another person. Unlike Reiki, it is not necessary for one to touch a person.

To help someone in this manner is something that can be done to any person that you may or may not know. It is good for helping someone that is suffering from physical, emotional, or mental problems. Distance is not going to matter with this method. You can channel your energy to your neighbor or to someone that lives in another part of the globe. It is good for helping victims of accidents and natural calamities.

Also knows as spiritual healing or energy medicine, this special technique can easily be done. One does not need to get himself a degree or special education to have this kind of ability. You do not have to worry about the equipment either. It is a technique that is easy to do and would not cost you anything.

Performing Distance Healing

To do this, anyone that is interested in performing the technique has to find a good place to do this first. An ideal place is one that is quiet and somewhere you will have no problem concentrating. A good place would be your bedroom, a garden, the quiet part of a park, and anywhere as long as there are no distractions.

If you have found a suitable place, you can start the meditation. Try visualizing the life energy that is inside your body. Some people that practice this say that it is can be in the form of a white aura. This feeling can also be likened to feeling an intense amount of love, good thoughts, and energy channeling through your body.

One thing needed for distance healing would be a lot of faith. Sending your energy without having faith in yourself and to the One you believe in is very futile. It helps if you will pray as well whenever you want to do this. Prayers can always do wonders regardless of the religion that a person has.

Energy is most of the time being channeled towards a person’s hands similar to what happens when one practices reiki. Aside from the hands, it is also possible for you to use surrogate objects. These surrogate objects can be anything that you own like your cup, blanket, pillow, paper, and other kinds of things.

Different Techniques

This method can also make use of various techniques. There are now many methods developed that this unique energy transfer can be done. If you want, you can combine different techniques to have a greater effect. Anything is possible provided that your love and faith are present.

Distance healing is something that a lot of people are still in doubt of. However, it is worth a try since you only have to be sincere about the intentions in your heart. It is not harmful and will not risk anyone to suffer from any kind of side effect. Experience the effects of distance healing on this page Kasamba.com.

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