Discovering The Way To Self Realization

self realization

Every individual undergoes various phases of emotions in their lifetime, often becoming fixated on their current state of mind. When a person is sad, they tend to focus on depressive or negative thoughts. There are ways to get relief from such emotional turmoil such as the path to self realization, which helps one to attain inner peace and happiness, while still fulfilling their worldly responsibilities.

It is essential that one consider what it means to have a human life beyond the responsible tasks of making a home, working or cooking. A person needs to use the feelings of freedom, beauty, truth, peace and love as a means of achieve a happiness that is pure and internal. This begins primarily by realizing how valuable their existence is and that emotional control will be most beneficial on this journey.

When a person is feeling dissatisfied with themselves, it is only human nature to want to find a way to be happy. It is easier to replace sad emotions with more positive ones when an individual sees each day as a unique gift. The thing which mush be accepted is that the happiness will eventually again become sadness which will roll over into delight once more in a never ending cycle of emotional switches.

Unconscious behavioral changes and mood swings are typically caused by an influx of hormones that create emotions. Repression is often a chosen means of controlling such chemical reactions though this often leads on to experience emotional outbursts like confusion, laughter, sadness or anger, or to become depressed or stressed. Gaining an understanding of why these things happen is a more effective means of management.

Many people want to find permanent acceptance of themselves as a spiritual being because only upon achieving that can one face all obstacles calmly and objectively. There are many questions a person may contemplate regarding issues such as their place in the vastness of the universe, the purpose of life, and the origins of it all. The first step on the path to enlightenment is to clear the mind of unknowns and to simply accept what is.

It is important to accept that some things are simply beyond human comprehension and that those matters are better left to the universe to handle. People are endowed with five senses, all of which process factors that are purely tangible, materialistic aspects within which one may become deeply fixated. True freedom and knowledge comes from not focusing on what will be, or what once was, rather only feeling what is happening currently.

It is also important to understand that life is a series of oppositions that even each other out. One can not know true happiness without experiencing some sadness, and there can be no concept of good unless there is also one of bad. Looking at all opposites as integral parts of life, embracing and living each as an accepted step in the journey without extreme emotion, is the key to realizing the whole of oneself.

Not everyone chooses the same path to by which to arrive at inner peace. For some, the answer may be meditation, while another might prefer worship or even chanting, though all of these practices are intended to help focus one’s mind. Going inside oneself in this manner allows knowledge and understanding to provide control over emotion.

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