Discovering The Right Form Of Meditation To Match Your Identity


There are actually a lot of reasons why individuals don’t consistently meditate, but the most common reason provided is: “meditating is not for me. I don’t have the persistence to sit still for 10 minutes with my eyes closed.” The good news is there is a style of meditating for everybody. Try things out until you find what really works.

If You Are the Outdoorsy Type, Take a stroll or a Hike

This sort of meditation is perfect for people who find it difficult to sit for a lengthy time period. For beginners, walk for Ten minutes and gradually improve your time. Walk at a calm, normal speed. Concentrate on your body and how it is. Does it feel stressed or laid back, light or heavy? Focus next on your visual surroundings – the forms of the leaves on the trees, the colours of the flowers and the shapes of the clouds.

If you are a Foodie, Meditate While You Are Eating

Eating meditation, or conscious eating, may be one of most effective, but most profound mindful experiences. By concentrating on the taste, structure, colors and scents of the foods you’re eating, you focus on the present moment and empty your mind of cluttering feelings. Begin by focusing on the colours and shapes of the food on your dish. Imagine what the food will taste like prior to when you taste it. Shift your attention to the aromas. What exactly does the food smell like? Can you sense the smell the various ingredients and spices or herbs? Practicing mindful eating not only helps you to loosen up your brain, it inhibits you from obnoxious eating which can lead to eating too much.

If You’re Artsy, Focus on a Painting

Select a painting or other artwork that you think is attractive. If you are concentrating on a portrait, start by calmly looking at the painting. How does the painting make you feel? Does it cause you to feel relaxed, happy, or serene? Are the colors powerful or modest? See the various brushstrokes and the small details. Is there a message the artist is trying to convey? You can also imagine yourself in the portrait.

Contrary to popular belief, meditating is not only about sitting down in a calming position while repeating calming words. There are various kinds of meditation. Any action can become a meditative experience if you are truly present in the moment and indulge your senses.

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