Five Critical Signs You Need to Align Your Chakras

If you’re experiencing a lack of energy, feeling run down, depressed or unhealthy, it’s very possible your chakras are out of alignment.

Maintaining a healthy mind and body, in perfect harmony with one another, isn’t easy, in fact, it can seem a nearly impossible task. The process of homeostasis, provides the means to achieve harmony between all the different bio-chemical processes, hormones, and our internal microorganisms, but the further we move away from a harmonized sense of homeostasis, the greater the chances of dis-ease. Balancing your chakras is an ancient method to return your whole self to a state of harmonized homeostasis, and keep it that way.

What are the Chakras?

Your chakras are “portals”, points at which your physical body and spirit meet. According to Buddhist Tantra teachings, there are seven primary Chakras, channel points between the subtle, non-physical energy body. These channels, known as “nadi,” are believed to be the portals in the subtle energy body through which your life force moves.

The word “chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “spinning wheel”. This can help you to visualize how the chakras function. Your chakras are constantly moving circles of energy, that circulate within defined regions of the body, like moving wheels. While there are many chakras that exist within the body, most people focus on the seven “major” chakras:

The Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, this is also known as Muladhara, or the earth chakra. The root chakra color is red, and it is associated with feelings of safety and security.

The Sacral Chakra

Located below the navel in the upper pelvic region, this chakra is also known as the Swadisthana. It’s color is orange, and it is considered to be a water chakra in it’s element. It’s associated with pleasure, acceptance and creativity.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Located at the point where your ribs meet your abdomen, in the center of the solar plexus, it is also known as the Manipura, the fire chakra. It’s color is a golden yellow. It’s associated with feelings of self control and self worth.

The Heart Chakra

Located at the center of the chest, it is known as Anahata. The Anahata color is green, and it’s element is air. It’s associated with feelings of love and inner peace.

The Throat Chakra

Also known as Vishuddha, it’s color is light blue, and it’s element is ether. The Vishuddha’s purpose is to facilitate both inward and outward communication.

The Third Eye Chakra

Located between your eyes, and in the center of your brain, this chakra, also known as the Ajna, is the element of light. It’s color is indigo blue in color. The Ajna enables psychic sight, and intuition.

The Crown Chakra

Located at the top of the head, or just above it, the Sahasrara is either a violet color, or transparent. It’s element is cosmic energy. The Crown Chakra is responsible for mental peace, and Cosmic connectedness.

The Universe is energy, therefore, it’s reasonable to believe that our bodies are governed by certain energy wave lengths, represented by different colors and sounds. An easy way to understand of this energy is through the system of chakras.

Why You Need to Align Your Chakras

Your mind and body are profoundly influenced by the energy of youro wn emotions and thoughts, as well as the energy of others. Those energy fields, compartmentalized into the different chakras, can influence whether you feel vibrant and full of life, or tired and hopeless. Aligning your chakras, so they’re perfectly in balance, and in tune with each other, can re-energize you, and have you feeling whole once more.

If you’re suffering from physical discomfort, but can’t put your finger on the cause, it may be due to an imbalance in your chakras. And since the chakras influence your spiritual life force, they can play an influential role in your emotions and mental states.

Aligning Your Chakras Can Help Achieve Overall Balance

Working together, your chakras energetically maintain your whole self, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Thus, the Chakras provide a means by which you can achieve overall balance; that elusive homeostasis discussed earlier. By devoting some time to actively balancing each of your chakras, you will help to improve each area of your life. By taking a few minutes every day to focus your awareness on each of the seven chakras, you will surely activate and balance a vibrant energy.

Aligning Your Chakras Increases Your Self Awareness

By developing an awareness of your chakras, you develop an internal awareness, allowing you to focus your energy on the weak or imbalanced region, to reattain homeostasis. By looking for energetic ebbs and flows in your chakras, you can pinpoint problems resolve them.

Aligning Your Chakras Helps You Achieve Well Being

Many modern forms of yoga and meditation derive their essence from understanding the energy flow between the major chakras. All acknowledge that your consciousness flows through all seven chakras, and that aligning the chakras brings a state of harmony and well being. Alignment of your chakras is like being in a state of meditation all the time, letting you achieve and easy sense of calm, and a life rich in inner beauty and happiness.

How to Align the Chakras

There are many ways to balance the chakras, including the meditative method below. Using a sound healing, chakra balancing meditation MP3 can GREATLY increase the effectiveness!

1. Lie down in a comfortable position, in a quiet, peaceful place. This could be your bedroom, or a quiet spot on the grass, under the trees.

2. Take a few moments to simply lie there, breathe deeply, and clear your mind of all everyday thoughts and concerns, and becoming centered with your body.

3. Set the intention to balance and align your chakras. Energy listens to your intentions!

4. Place one hand over your root chakra , and the other hand over your sacral chakra.

5. Keep your hands in position until you feel the energy between the two chakras equalizing. This may be a pulsing feeling, or simply an intuition that it’s time to move onto the next two chakras. If you don’t feel anything conclusive, simply move on after a minute or two.

6. Move your hands to your third and fourth chakras, and repeat this process all the way up to the seventh chakra. After you’ve balanced all your chakras, take a few moments to simply lie there, and revel in the feeling of wholeness.

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