Clearing Emotional Toxins

Energetically clearing the toxic spiritual energy from your chakras is just as important as removing environmental toxins from the body. In the same manner the liver, kidneys, bladder, and other internal organs can get clogged with waste, the seven energy centers, known as the Chakras, can easily get congested with emotional refuse, that needs to be freed and swept out of the energetic body. Using the tools of meditation and healing sound, can easily help you to remove the blitzkrieg of emotional toxicity bombarding your energetic, spiritual body, that is keeping you from experiencing joy, harmony, laughter, and unbounded love. Energetically clogged chakras usually translate into a poor emotional outlook, clouding the thoughts with depression, anger, fear and despair, while emotionally and energetically clear chakras can give you an utterly fresh perspective. Is it time for your Chakra Cleanse? Using a blend of binaural beats, spiritually healing Solfeggio tones, and the Earth balanced and grounding Shumann resonance, Chakra Healing Sound MP3s can energize your chakras, expelling the unbalanced and negative energy bogging down and hindering your life. It can be as easy as putting on a pair of headphones, closing your eyes, and relaxing for less than ½ an hour. Caring for your energetic body is just as essential as caring for your physical body, and your chakra system is the gateway to vibrant energetic spiritual health, opening the path for a healthy body, emotions and mind.

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